Friday, October 2, 2009

the best and the worst and the maritimes

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oh holy overwhelmed.  i'm moving so rapidly i can't see what's around me.  i leave two weeks from tomorrow and my to do list is about to eat me alive.

AHEM.  i don't know if you heard me...  i leave for australia TWO WEEKS FROM TOMORROW!!  yikes-a-bee.

yes, that's my actual to do list.  and yes, it goes on to the other side; in fact, it's getting dangerously close to the bottom of the other side, where it threatens to spill over to the next page and SUFFOCATE me.  ok maybe i'm exaggerating.

...a little.

to give myself some credit, i have gotten a lot done.  it's just that it seems like every time i cross one thing off the list, two more things sneak on & i'm all like, wha??

sigh.  sigh of sighs.

i really should be sleeping right now, not eating cheetos and drinking a bud light and blogging.  and yet...   here i certainly am.  oh!  but i did finally clean my room - i've been knee-deep in clean-ish clothes and unopened mail and crafting supplies for over a month now (ridonkulous).  and i created a great Pandora station - based on Maritime, whose music makes me happy & this station makes me doubly so.  guuud stuff.  so i'm grateful for that.  and for the fact that i am going on this trip that is causing me so much stress now - it could be so very much worse.  ;o)

done.  goodnight.

xo! n.

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