Thursday, October 22, 2009

Day 4 pt. 2: yawn

First of all, chick, don't tease me! That'd be a dream. If there's anyone out there who'd like to pay me for this or any other travel-related publication please speak up now. Or anytime. Please.


Well, try & rush & don't-shower-just-change-your-shirt-and-reapply-deoderent as we might, we missed the harbor cruise. Waa waaah. But it really wasn't our fault; the boat was supposed to leave at 8 & it left at 7:30, just 5 minutes before we got there. We'll get our money back, but I'm still a bit dissapointed.

But of course we made the best of it. :) chatty roomie & aussie guy I met on the tour (who ended up getting a ticket for the cruise, switching hostels to ours & booking a bed in our room - no, he's not a stalker, he just wanted a cheap room & a friend, tho I admit it does sound suspicious) and I settled in at a gastropub in Darling Harbour. I had the salt & pepper squid - oh so delicious (but I gotta stop eating so much fried seafood) and aussie guys steak was so rare he had to send it back twice & got a full refund & a free drink.

We talked about our travels & watched the yahts come in.

Then we footed it over to Circular Quay (pronounced key - I've totally been saying it wrong) for a pint right between the bridge & the opera house. It was beautiful with the lights reflecting on the water, the city to the left & its icons to the right.

It was a gorgeous night with good people, but I was so damn exhausted. I think my go-go-go has got-got-gotten to me.

So we cabbed it back (another good thing about solitary travel: you can always take the cheapest mode of transport & you'll never be outnumbered in the bus vs taxi debate) and even as I type this, my eyes are closing.

So goodnight, good morning, whatever it is where you are.

Xo! n.

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