Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Chick's Challenge week 1: garden gnome

My roommate Chick has challenged me with a weekly Aussie scavenger hunt. My first assignment was to find a garden gnome & it has not been easy. After searching the city of Sydney high & low - even asking in shops (resulting in some strange looks) - I found it when I was least expecting. We stopped for brekkie (breakfast) in a Blue Mountain town & walking thru the park I almost couldn't believe my eyes! Found!! Not one, not two, but 5 gnomes (didn't take pics of all of them) complete with pointy hats! I know they're 2D but com'on, this has got to count. :)

What's next chick? Bring it!

Xo! n.


  1. I am so proud of you!!!!!!!! Okay, I am thinking hard..I will let you know! Has Sarah given you anything?

  2. I so can't wait to introduce you to the gnomes by the AWESOME office that whistle at you when you walk by...they are not ours.


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