Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day 3 pt. 1: moody blues

Well last night did not end up being a early night in at all; I went out with the Germans & we drank "teapots" - an actual teapot filled with cocktail & you drink it in shot glasses (pictured). Then we danced like crazy. It was fab. A cute Irish boy walked me home. I went to bed at 3am.

Soooo I slept in a bit & its been a slow start to my day so far. :) just got on a train to Bondi Beach - the trains here are double decker! There's a stairway inside the metro car! Weird.
This trip is, so far, different from Europe in that although I'm meeting people at the hostel & hanging out at night, so far my attempts at inviting people to come exploring with me during the day have failed - everyone has their own plans in their own little groups. Its nice being on my own because I can do whatever I want & change my mind, but it gets old because there's no one to talk to. Yall are my constant companions, so thank you for that.

I'm in kind of a low mood - I actually thought I was going to the beach with friends today but that fell thru so I guess I'm a little dissapointed to be solo. Hopefully the ocean will cheer me up.

The waters beautiful but the beach is crowded with tourists. Not really my scene. I'm gonna pop into the water & then head on a hike over the cliffs thru 3 other beaches.

The hikes supposed to take 2hrs so I'm eating lunch first & just for Sarah, I got a chicken sandwich - but its greasy & not half as good as chick-fil-a. :( Should've ordered shrimp on the barbie ha ha.

Starting the hike, to be continued...

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