Monday, October 19, 2009

Day 2 pt. 1: eerie noises & lovely sights

I'm sitting in the hostel lobby waiting for a towel so I can take a shower. I made a bunch of friends last night but its really funny bc I'm wearing my glasses now & I don't think anyone recognises me.

Not gonna lie, I got a bit lonely yesterday afternoon - a lot of the backpackers/cultures are clique-y. Honestly, the friendliest people here are the Americans & Canadians; they talk to anyone. The only other Americans here besides me are the boys I met first & they're so funny - yesterday & today they've gone to a bar to watch NFL. Nerds.

But I got over my lonliness last night; I sat up on the roof & met a bunch of people - Canadians, french (turns out my french roommate is quite lovely), German, English, Scottish & one Australian! Its rare to meet locals in a hostel, but she was visiting her friend there & it was great talking to her.

The birds are CRAZY here - one bird sounds like a teredactyl (I'm sure that's not spelled right) its piercing! It dive bombed my friend! And the bats are ginormous! Creepy. Nights are full of strange noises.

When we got kicked off the roof, we went out to the sugarmill (pictured - sort of, its dark) for free pitchers of beer & live music - it was fun. My camera died :( waa waah

Slept really well, thank God, and as soon as I can take a shower, I'll be ready to adventure again.

Showering took forever but now I'm walking thru the botanical gardens to the Rocks to climb the Sydney harbor bridge! Took a little break for a picnic (pictured). Bread, cheese & hummus, brunch of champions.

The bird pictured wants my food. 2 of them started stalking me & it was so weird, the skinny one was feeding the fat one & the fat one was screaming! A lovely meal and entertainment. :) oh my! A huge bird with a scary beak just ambled over to me! I snapped a picture but it doesn't do him justice.

Bats! Its hard to tell but that's a tree full of bats hanging upside down. They're "flying foxes".

Everywhere I look there's some sort of creature or plant I've never seen, and weird weird noises constantly - I know I sound like a huge dork but its blowing my mind! Seriously, its giving me chills. And I'm only in a park! Dude I'm going to flip when I get to the rainforest!

And just when I thought this park couldn't get any better, I round the corner & bam! Sydney Opera House!! AND the bridge! Together for a most sublime photo op.

to be continued...

Today I am so grateful & happy for:
~ being comfortable in solitude
~ new friends from all over the world
~ your comments! Thank you!!
~ being right here, right now

Xo! n.


  1. Hey Joyful Girl... great blog. Hope you are enjoying being on top of the Harbour Bridge right about now.

    What else can you cross off the Wanderlist in Sydney? We can do the Aussie BBQ in Perth, though I won't be cooking up koala or wombat for you ;-)


  2. Hey Sweetie, thinking of you often and so glad to hear all is well and you've made friends. Knew you would and will.
    It's 8:15 am on the other side of the world. I'm sitting at my desk and the light outside is magnificient! The leaves are brilliant gold, green with touches of red.
    Well, it's time to make the donuts.
    Love you!


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