Saturday, October 24, 2009

Day 6 pt. 1: busses, boulders & brotherhood

Another early morning on a bus, this time on a three-day OzEx trip to Melbourne. I'm the only American on the bus; in fact, a couple people said I'm the first one they've met here. Country!! Com'on, we've got to stop being workaholics & get out & see the world!! Don't let this crazy bird be the representative of our nation!

There are 2 Swiss, 2 German, 2 Barvarian, 2 Austrian, 2 French, 4 English, and my little American self on this bus. The Beach Boys are providing the soundtrack to this drive, which strikes me as funny. :)

We just stopped in a tiny town for coffee & now the rolling hills of Bundanoon & Woolagong (not making this up people) are streaking green past my window on our way to the nations capital, Canberra. If you didn't notice the species of trees, you could easily think you were driving through northern California.

We just stopped at the fine wool capital of the world to see a giant concrete merino sheep with giant concrete, um... How do I say this tastefully... udders...? Wink. Hilarious.

Went to the parliament house - surprisingly art deco inside. It was designed by a man from Chicago. Huh. The capital city is known for politics, pot (legal to grow), prostitution (legal), porn (the van nuys of Oz), & pyrotechnics (legal twice a year). Its a wonder the government here functions!

Stopped for lunch at a mall - malls are the same everywhere - complete with early Christmas decorations.

Saw the city from above & then drove by all the embassy buildings. Before he said a word, I knew which was ours - it's red brick with a white fence & basically looks like every colonial-style house in Alexandria, VA. Classically "American". :)

Apparently, aussies rather like Americans bc we helped them in WWII when the brits wouldn't. The Anzac memorial rd made me think of my brother. If - I mean when - you go to Australia, buddy, be sure to spend a day in Canberra at the military museum; it sounds like something you'd enjoy.

As we drive up into the Snowy Mountains through what's left of the Great Dividing Mountain range (one of the oldest in the world, now only boulders- pictured) for our overnight stop in Threadbo, I'm reading the book of Australian short stories my mom gave me. I had to leave behind in Sydney the two novels I was so excited to read, in order to lighten my backpack. Sigh. So I will have to library those books once I get back. (yes, I did just give library a verb form. Sue me.)

Oh no! I just missed a wallaby sighting! Time to put down the phone for some intense window-watching. Stay tuned for the mountains...


  1. Let us know which is bigger - the mountains, or that sheep's balls...

  2. Sorry Nikki...I don't think Todd realizes that your mom and dad are on here..and by balls he meant the little soccer balls (yes, they love soccer) that didn't make it into the picture...

  3. Erin and Todd must have ment footbal Oz style.
    Ha-too funny
    Read- stern face laughing behind the eyes.
    If Todd only knew

  4. wait wait- they like americans??? uh oh, don't let them see the australian episode of the simpsons!


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