Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Day 9 (accidental part 2): take it down a nacho

Oops! Accidentally hit send. Once again, mobile blogging... (and on that note, I've been sleeping in the top bunk so I've had my phone in the bed with me & last night in my sleep, probably with my shoulder, I apparently took 88 - I counted as I deleted them - pictures with my phone of my pillowcase. Ha ha!)

Met up with Sarah in Federation Square & got free goodie bags from the heart association - a water bottle & fruit, awesome. Oh yeah & on the walk there we got free canvas bags from myspace reps which are actually quite nice & handy. Gotta love free!!

We all walked down to a park, where we saw the house Captain Cook was born in (yes, way back when, someone actually transported it from England), some cute fuzzy baby ducks, a gorgeous greenhouse (Amy's pictured using the leaves as a wig), and a tree with fairies carved into it (pictured).

Then we went on a river cruise which was absolute rubbish. Melbournes not quite as pretty as Sydney from the water anyway, but this cruise took us out to the docks - there was nothing to see but some wharfs & tankers! Dissapointing.

Then up to Eureka Tower for an arial view of the city. It was ok; I'm glad it didn't cost more.

Then we split up from Sarah & caught the tram back but I guess we got on the wrong one bc we had to walk quite a ways still. Rosie went back to the hostel; Amy & I tried the shops but they were closed & then I was on my own for dinner. Took sushi back to the hostel where I ran into Rosie again & met some nice German girls.

I'm not a fan of this hostel. Its huge, everyones really young & not very friendly, its loud as hell bc there's a bar beneath us, and our roommates are smelly boys who spend all day inside on their computers. I would switch but I really like the girls I'm staying with. Ah well, its an experience. :)

Did laundry & waited for it in the common room watching American TV - friends, mad about you & king of queens - seems aussies watch a lot of our stuff.

Not much of a day, but I was in good company & that's what made it nice.

Today I'm so happy & grateful for:
~ maps
~ earplugs
~ multivitamins
~ recommendations from ab on what to do in Melbs

Xo! n.


  1. why would people travel to sit in the hostel all day to be on their computers??? booo-ring! well, at least you have made some friends to share fun stories with. I am guessing the Fontana trips with Ronnie in the room helped out with hostel living ;) miss you lu lu!

  2. Your trip sounds amazing so far and I admire the fact that you're doing it mostly solo. Very cool. I could do solo but not the hostel thing... I can barely tolerate the neighbors in my apartment building let alone loud strangers in the same room. ;)

  3. One of our friends in Darwin wanted us to let you know that if you were to make it to Darwin he'd be happy to show you around ;-) He's a fan of your blog. x


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