Wednesday, October 7, 2009

team awesome

last night i went out with a friend & we stumbled across a triva contest at my favorite dive bar. we didn't win but we did have a great time, got butted out of musical chairs (literally - i was shoved out of the way by some dudes big butt), had a draw-off, had a very honest conversation, and drank a bit too much. my head is tired. but i'm happy, and i'm drawn to happy images. so today i just want to express my gratitude that the following three things exist in the world:

adorable animals

i'm usually anti-pet-clothes, but oh my these are so effing cute!

brightly colored shoes! too fun.

blissfully happy babies
that baby is sooo happy to be covered in noodles - noodlebaby!
and the boy in the fountain looks just like my brother when he was little.
i love it! (all images via we heart it - obviously i heart we heart it)

what are three things that express joy to you today?

xo! n.

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  1. I just got a chance to look at these images! Love them! tee hee!


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