Sunday, October 18, 2009

Day 1 continued

My first meal in Australia. Delicious though expensive - $14.50 - but it came with a free glass of wine so...

I love eating outside & I LOVE people-watching (which is helpful when you are eating alone) and foreign-people-watching is the best. I try to guess who's local & who's visiting, and if visiting, where they're from. I'd be obvious bc I'm camera-in-hand, peering into every shop I pass.

Ooh! Just saw an aussie military man - similar uniforms to ours actually. And a pair of hippies in an old VW (pictured) - I've always thought of that as an American thing, guess not.

I think I just saw a kookaburra bird (is that real?) tried to get a pic but someone threw trash out the window & scared it away. (yes you read that right - trash out the window)

I've also attached a pic of me - yes in a bathroom mirror - and of this weird aloe drink I bought. Tastes like lychee.

Walked around for a long time & then came back to the hostel & uh oh I'm suddenly exhausted. CanNOT allow myself to sleep at least for another 4 hours.

Hmmm. Maybe just a nap...


  1. Huwahhh--vomit noise) when I saw the picture of the aloe, I just assumed that it was actual "i just burnt myself" aloe, and then when I saw that you drank it (even though I knew it was a drink by that point) it ga-rossed me out... :) silly me!

  2. Looks like fun haha, loving the caravan type thing..

  3. There you are and You are there! This is so exciting! Have you adjusted to Aussie time?
    Can't wait for the next entry.

  4. oh, and don't forget...Garden Gnome


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