Monday, November 29, 2010

Out of place, out of time

Today's been an odd day.

All day long, I've been feeling like I'm somewhere else.  Not like I should be somewhere or like my mind is somewhere in daydreams, but actually thinking I'm in a different physical place than I actually am.  On the way to work, my senses told me it was 61 and sunny, California winter, but I caught myself actually believing there was snow on the ground and for a second thought I was driving to my Grandma's house in Virginia.  After work, at the grocery store, I got the very distinct feeling that I was in Tesco's in London, quietly foreign.

It's the feeling you get when you're drifting off to sleep, not knowing yet that you're asleep, and you feel the unmistakable sensation of falling, just for a fraction of a second, just enough to set your heart pounding, before you jerk awake, suddenly, strangely, fully aware of your mattress and sheets and very alive body.

Maybe it's a premonition or its less frightening and more stubborn father, a memory.  Maybe it's a wrinkle in time and I'm feeling the lives of my other selves.  Maybe it's just early onset dementia.

Whatever it is, it's made for an oddly dreamlike day.  Have you ever felt inexplicably out-of-reality?

I am so happy and grateful for:
~ homemade vegan cookies (thanks, Sally!)
~ phone calls with momma
~ imagination

xo!  n.

[photo source]

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Shenanigans!

I woke up at 8am Thanksgiving day & drove over to Teeter & Chick's house in my PJs to watch the parade.  I had coffee & peanut-butter-chocolate cake for breakfast, just warming my body up for the gluttony that was to ensue.

I talked to my dad on the phone and texted my brother (we had just talked), and I skyped with my mom and got to see and say hi to my cousins, aunt and grandma, who are all enjoying a rented mountain cabin for the holiday.  It's the first time mom & I have video chatted, besides on Christmas last year when I was in Australia, and the fact that we can do that, and feel like we're in the same room, still blows my mind.

Then we all got dressed, me in a vintage inspired brown dress with the most adorable little half-apron AB sent me from Australia a couple years ago, looking like I just stepped out of the 1950s.  We made ourselves pumpkin-juice cocktails (with the pumpkin juice from Harry Potter!!) as we snacked on appetizers and watched football.

People slowly started to arrive - we ended up with about 15 people for dinner, with another 5 or so showing up after for desserts and games - and we started cooking.  Chick and I made the turkey (which, despite looking frightfully crispy early on, ended up perfect!) with a burbon-orange marinade, and I also made a fresh, from scratch, cranberry relish, cran-orange pecan stuffing, and ginger glazed carrots & sugar snap peas.  I felt very domestic and they all turned out happily deeeeelish.
We found the most awesome (and by "most awesome" I mean "absolute worst" and by "absolute worst" I mean "so very bad that it's so very good") Thanksgiving horror - you heard right, horror movie - ThanksKilling.  Oh yeah.  It was a deranged turkey killing people & stealing their identities and actually fooling people, despite the fact that it's 2 feet tall and feathered, into thinking it's a person.  It was hilarious and got us through our food comas.

Then it was game time.  Of course we played catchphrase, our go-to game, and then we played truth or dare on a friend's iphone, which sent us all into fits of giggles.  I had to look just slightly to the left of people when they spoke to me and melt an ice cube in my armpit, and all the dares were goofy like that.

Then we played Apples to Apples, and just when I thought people were going to start leaving, we got a whole second wind, second wave of people and ended up staying up til 4am (!!) playing Mafia.

It's ridiculous, really, who do we think we are, a bunch of late-20s early-30s jokers staying up all night?  Three of us crashed on the couch (luckily they have quite a large couch) and woke up around noon Friday, hungover and ready for Teeter's blueberry pancakes and a day of movie-watching.

We had a P-jammer jammie party; Teeter, Sean & I stayed in our PJs all day (a few other people joined us but we were the only ones in PJs), laying on the couch, eating leftovers and watching movie after movie.  It was a complete waste of the day, indulgent and wonderful.  Even Chick & Todd's two kittens joined us in the laziness.
It was a really fantastic Thanksgiving, full of friendship, laughter, ridiculousness and great food.  I hope you all had a lovely, thanks-filled Thanksgiving, and are enjoying a relaxing long weekend!

Today I am so grateful and happy for:
~ being able to spend Thanksgiving with these great friends (I wasn't supposed to still be living here!)
~ Skype
~ silly games & friends that are silly enough to play
~ a day where it's ok to be a lazy lump

xo!  n.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Heart a flutter Friday: Christmastime is here!

Happy Friday after Thanksgiving, y'all!  It's officially the Christmas season!

As you enjoy your leftover turkey & cran & stuffing sandwich (you know you love it!) and avoiding getting trampled at Black Friday sales, check out this special Christmas edition of heart a flutter Friday from the comfort of your cozy couch...

Happy Holiday Clutch Purse by MermaidsDream on Etsy
Adorable!  Festively embroidered without that ugly-sweater-your-great-aunt-knitted-you look.

Red Elf Ring by PaperSparrow on Etsy
Let this cute little guy hang out on your finger all season long; tell him all your wishes and he can be your direct line to Santa!

Vintage Double Snowflake Necklace by Farandtwee on Etsy
So 50's and lovely.  The perfect winter accessory to add some sparkle to that little black holiday party dress!

4 Lacy Bird Ornaments by PrinceDesignUK on Etsy
These birdies are so sweet!  You could hang them on the tree, of course, but I'd probably hang them in a window, to bring a little snowy charm to my green LA holidays.

Retro Christmas Apron Gidget by SugarandspiceAprons on Etsy
Oh my!!  I could cook all day in this pretty little apron; I'd be twirling and flouncing around the kitchen!  Domesticity never looked so good!

Letterpress Holiday Coaster Set by 1canoe2 on Etsy
If you like to pull out all the stops when it comes to Holiday decorating like my Teeter & Chick do, Christmas coasters are a must!  These are hand-drawn and too cute.

Boy and Girl Reindeer Pillow Covers by DesignsbyNancyT on Etsy
Again, if you love to Christmas-up your house, these should do the trick.  And, they jingle!

Chunky Vintage Emerald Green Rhinestone Earrings by SilverLiningDecor on Etsy
Reflect the lights of the Christmas tree in these gorgeous green gems and you'll dazzle everyone.

And PS, y'all, THIS is REAL:
Men's Thong Jinglebells by CaptainCamo on Etsy
Whoa!!!!  I'll tell you what's NOT going on my Christmas list - this guy!  YIKES.  Is that misteltoe behind him...?  Hee hee hee...

(despite men's thongs...) It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Today I am so grateful and happy for:
~ a whole day dedicated to giving thanks!  (and eating!)
~ finding awesome presents for the people I love
~ the most deliciouso food in my belly!

xo!  n.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Hope you have a wonderful day, stuff yourself with deeeelicious food, spend time with people you love, and send out lots & lots & lots of gratitude into the universe.

 So much love!  I am so very thankful for my life.

xo! n.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I don't know what to write about.  But I told myself I'd write at least every other day (especially weekdays) and all day long I've been staring at a blank blogger New Post page, trying to think of something interesting to say.

I got nothin'.

I will tell you this: it is cold in LA tonight & for the first time in... wow, eight years (!), the house I live in has central heating.  The steady exhalation from the vent over my bed is comforting and makes me feel like I'm back in my parents house.

I will also tell you this: there's a plant on my desk at work.  It was given to me by the Ellen Show & it's not just cut flowers, it's in soil.  It's not doing so well.  Yesterday I trimmed all the dead blooms and leaves and everyone made fun of me & told me to just throw it away, but I can't.  I can't give up on a living thing.  Especially when it's my fault I didn't water it enough and now it's dying.  What does that say about me?

One more thing:  do you think that if, instead of arguing with people & telling them what they're doing wrong or how they could improve (however helpful and loving of a place it's coming from), if we told people what we need from them - i.e. I need to be treated with respect or I need your support - would our relationships be stronger?  That sounds more selfish but is it really?  Don't we all just need the same basic things at our core?  If we all said what we needed out loud with no bullshit and we all listened to what other people needed, what would that be like?

Thinking too much...

Oh and ps - the other day I locked my keys in my car at a gas station.  The guys from the garage attached to it came over with coat hangers & long twisted lengths of wire and worked for at least 45 minutes trying to get my car door open.  I cheered them on from the passenger window.  Finally, when they gave up, I called AAA who, of course, had it open in 3 seconds.  I could've done that from the beginning, but it was so nice to get unsolicited, selfless help in LA, I didn't want to discourage them.

Tomorrow I will be fighting the grocery store crowds for last-minute Thanksgiving shopping.  Do any of you have a good stuffing recipe?

See, I warned you it'd be random.

Today I am so happy and grateful for:
~ my down comforter
~ paw paw ointment
~ a low-key day at work today

xo!  n.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Relay of Friendship Blogger Award!

I've recieved a lovely blog award from sweet *S on Our One Sweet World !  How fun!

I've been handed the baton in the relay of friendship (adorable!) and after I answer a few questions, I'll be passing it on to 5 lovely blogs!

What did you want to be when you grew up?
This question assumes that I am now grown up - lies!  ;)  When I was a kid, I wanted to be a librarian or archeologist, both, I think, rooted in my love of stories.  Now, I'm not sure what I want to be, but I still love telling stories, travel, and helping people - so if I can find something that combines all three maybe I might actually want to grow up!

What were your favorite cartoons?
Danger Mouse.  I loved that little British mouse 007 so much that on long car trips, when I'd ask my mom, "how much longer," she'd say, "three Danger Mouses" (I know it sounds like bad grammar but it's not really).

Favorite childhood game?
Any sort of make-believe; I used to pretend I was Maid Marion, Danger Mouse (of course), an orphan on the run (I loved "Annie")... I played outside alone or with friends, creating new worlds all the time.

Most favorite birthday?
As a kid, the birthday when we had a scavenger hunt that ended with us literally digging up buried treasure on the beach!  Or maybe the birthday where we played a murder mystery game...  As an adult, probably the year my friends kidnapped me & took me to Mexico for the weekend.  I've had a lot of great birthdays.  :)

Something you have always wanted to do but haven't done yet?
Write a novel, learn an instrument, see every continent (3 down, 4 more to go!) - there are SO many places in the world I want to see!

What was your first love?
Probably reading.  I was a bookworm as a kid; I always got a sackful of books from the library & devoured them immediately.

First musical idol?
Embarrassingly, Mariah Carey.  I used to roller skate & lip-sync to "Dreamlover" and "Hero," and I still listen to her "Merry Christmas" Album every year.  Yup.

Favorite gift?
Wow, thats a tough one.  I've gotten lots of wonderful gifts over the years...

If a theme song played for you everywhere you went, what would it be?
Oh it changes, pretty often, but right now it's "Clap Your Hands" by Sia - so happy & fun!

Favorite city to visit?
Well, I love to visit DC because I have so much family there (and family that doesn't live there congregates there for holidays) but Cinqueterre, Italy (specifically Monterroso) is my favorite place I've ever been... although the Whitsundays in Australia really gave it a run for its money...  :)

And now I'm passing the baton to...
my lovely fellow writers on Stratejoy!!
Doniree of Nomadic Foodie
Marian of Marian Librarian
Renee of Belle Renee
Lindsey of LindseyK

Ladies, no worries if you're too busy to participate, but I just wanted to show y'all a little love.

Today I am so grateful and happy for:
~ internet friends
~ seeing the new Harry Potter (ooohhh sooo good!)
~ calm days at work

xo!  n.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Heart a-flutter friday

Good Friday morning, lovely people!  Get ready to droooool...

These amazing terrariums by Jo2SF on Etsy
I could sit and stare at these all day long, and feel like I was transported into another world, a little fairy world.  Plus, the vintage bottles he uses to create them are just lovely.

Hand-carved Porcelin Lace Fruit Bowl by IsabelleAbramson on Etsy
How beautiful is this!!?  I would be terrified to wash it for fear I'd break it, but just imagine it full of red apples and pomegranates!  Sigh.

Tiny Script Initial Ring by PunkyBunny300 on Etsy
Simple and sweet; personalize it with the recipient's initials, a  new last name (for a newlywed) or the initial of their loved one (like a baby's name for a new momma).  Awww.

Handcrafted Messenger Bag Elie by ChicLeather on Etsy
This is so handsome.  Perfect for a man or a woman; I'd feel just a bit Parisian with this slung across my shoulders, especially on a lovely little bike... with a loaf of french bread & some fresh flowers...  dreamy.

Little Peacock Necklace felted charm by OrdinaryMommy on Etsy
I love the colors of this necklace AND it reminds me of a guitar pick - could be perfect for the rad, kinda folksy music-lovin' chick on your list.

Octopus Print on Antique 1890 Book Page by BlackBaroque on Etsy
Weird and wonderful.  Frame it for a very unique gift or conversation-starting art.

Mustache Pint Glasses by MustacheGlass on Etsy
In honor of Movember!  Just imagine the funny pictures you could take drinking from these!

Porcelain Salad Bowl by KhPhillips on Etsy
This is my friend's cousin's shop, but even if it wasn't I would still love EVERYTHING he makes.  Beautiful tableware with vintage-inspired designs.  I like useful art.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Today I am so happy & grateful for:
~ the new Harry Potter movie!
~ cozy nights with hot chocolate
~ sunshiny yoga

xo!  n.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Everything I Need...

There's a Muppet movie filming right outside my window (and let me just tell you how very happy that makes me - I love love loooooove the Muppets!!) at work this week.  I can't see much of the action due to a lot of equiptment and a poorly placed church facade, but they're playing the music over and over so the dancers and puppeteers can rehearse.  At first I tuned it out as just another element in the cacophany that is my on-lot work environment, but as it plays, I've been slowly picking out words, and DUDE.  I so needed to hear this:

"You've got everything that you neeeeeeeed,
right in front of you!
I've got everything that I neeeeeeed,
right in front of me!
Life's a happy song..."

Oh Muppets, y'all are the freaking best.

Today I am so happy & grateful for little reminders.

xo! n.

The stillness is the move

Last night, in the middle of yoga, downward dog to be exact, I had a beautiful moment of clarity.  One that shook me from my core, literally; I laughed as tears streamed down (or up, I was upside-down) my face.  No doubt it was brought about by my heart-opening yoga practice, but what really resonated with me was this song:

If you're not a fan of indie music, don't listen to it for its sound and feel free to ignore the super odd video - but pay attention to what they're saying.

I've always thought of this as a love song about a couple, "after all that we've been through, I know that I will always love you," but in that moment, focused on the simple act of breathing and bending, I suddenly and completely knew - it is a love song, but it's not to someone else - it's love of self.

"there is nothing we can't do
I'll see you along the way baby
the stillness is the move"

I've been beating myself up with questions and second-guessing, but it's not necessary.  It will all come in time.  I will be kind to myself and be still.  It's my move.

I am so grateful and happy for:
~ yoga endorphins
~ Lindsey's advice to get moving
~ receptiveness

xo! n.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

VIVA Eagle Rock!

I heart my new neighborhood so hard. 

My friend C swung by to pick me up Sunday for our Eagle Rock day of fun & when he saw me step out the door of my little red house, past hanging plants and down the sweet curving pathway to the car, he said, "you look so right coming out of that house!!"

We drove streets of wood-sided bungalows and little gabled houses with charming wide porches to Eagle Rock Blvd. and Auntie Em's Kitchen, a funky little restaurant/bakery with a seasonally fresh menu.  Through the brightly colored interior, past the vintage wooden case displaying their famous cupcakes and a blonde-haired plastic skull, we settled ourselves out back below little chandeliers and next to a flourishing herb garden.

Both of us being southerners, we just 'bout flipped our shit when we saw there were cheesy sausage GRITS on the menu!!!  We both wanted lighter meals but shared a side of the grits and they were incredible - perfectly cheesy and not too sausage-y with fresh tomatoes on top.  And that, added to his cauliflower scramble with rosemary potatoes and my squash and fennel salad, made it a deeeeeelightful (and gorgeous!) meal.

And then, of course, we HAD to try the cupcakes.  Oooohhh super delish!  The little sample size was just perfect, and obviously, we demolished them.

But the best part was the conversation.  C always seems to understand where I'm coming from and what's going on with me; we constantly find ourselves exclaiming "Yes!" in agreement and bursting out in laughter.  I really love hanging out with him.

We wandered around, window shopped, cranked up beautiful music and let go of all the questions in our minds to just enjoy the day.  We found an awesome gastropub, The York, which happens to be only one mile from my house (!) and we stopped for an afternoon pint.  And guess what!!?  They serve grits too!  What WHAT!  L-o-v-e love.

It makes me very happy to find people and places that make LA feel like home.  Viva the Eagle!

Today I am so grateful and happy for:
~ a random day of fun
~ creative ideas & friends to bounce them off of
~ cheesy southern grits!!

xo!  n.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Only in Hollywood

Overheard today at work:

"Muppets are shooting in the firehouse."

No!  Fozzie, put down the gun!  What did that dalmation ever do to you!!??  Hee heee heeeee...

xo!  n.

Inspiration Strikes

I sit at my desk, blinds open behind me letting the sun cast a zebra glare on my computer monitor, but I'd rather have that than the florescents on.  It makes me feel a little more human to see the sunshine.

I'm learning about purchase orders after a slow morning spent perusing my favorite blogs, and the girl training me stops for a lengthy phone call.  I look down at my pad of paper and doodle:

I write, "finish Stratejoy post" and "charge ipod" and then...  "brainstorm"

I don't know why, it just comes out of my pen, all on its own.  And next comes:

And I look at that sentence and I have a slow trickle of an epiphany.  It isn't the lightning bolt kind, it isn't noticeable to my co-worker next to me, still on the phone.  It's like a slow leak from a balloon - no, not that, that makes the balloon smaller - it's like a tiny little waterfall that only happens after a heavy rain & that you only notice as you hike by if you're really in tune with what's around you and not preoccupied with thoughts or focused on a goal.  You only notice it if you're enjoying your hike.

The trickle of inspiration pools ink on paper and somehow forms words, words that make me smile, words that keep arranging themselves as they steadily drip-drip-drip out.  And those words form an idea, a good idea that feels possible and achievable.  Fun, even.  My co-worker hangs up the phone and training begins again; as I listen, I sit with the warming knowledge of my lovely new secret.

It may not happen as I imagine it; it may not happen at all.  I might change my mind tomorrow.  But today creative inspiration found me, and I opened up the part of my brain that is hopeful, imaginative, focused.  Today I took one step toward my big dream life.

Today I am so grateful and happy for:
~ unexpected epiphanies
~ being still & letting creativity flow
~ knowing what I need

xo!  n.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Home, Interrupted.

I need to vent a little.  (I almost just wrote "a lottle" which is probably more accurate)

I moved into this lovely old house in Eagle Rock in August and was the first of a new wave of tenants here; the last group lived here for 15 (yes, fifteen) years.  They told me that during that time, the landlord was never there, the carpet had never been replaced (or, I'm sure, cleaned - it was a bunch of boys) and she left it up to them to make household repairs.

So the new manager of the house gets tenants in, we're all aware of the state of the house (I pull up my own old nasty carpet from my room) and all is well.  UNTIL the landlord decides to stop being a slumlord and just start being an ass.

Out of nowhere, she painted the outside of the house - when I got back from my JetBlue trip, I walked into my room to find a strange man looking in on me from my 2nd floor bedroom's window, painting - and has now dug up the entire back yard.  Where we once had a lovely grassy lawn with a hammock, a lemon tree, a bushy tree with purple flowers, and beautiful overgrown blooming shrubs, there's now a pit of mud & dying grass, a heavily pruned lemon tree, no shrubs, and the gorgeous purple tree has been chopped within an inch of it's life.  It literally has one branch and looks like a limping amputee.

I know it still looks green but that's because this is Cali.  Believe me, it looks barren compared to what it was.

Every day there are strange men at my house and the landlord often walks in without notice, banging the door open and then stomping through the entire house yelling, "HELLO??"  The one time I answered - I was in the shower & she wouldn't stop yelling "HELLO?? HELLO?? HELLO??"  Can you not hear the shower running??? - I said "yes?" and she said, "Oh you're here, that's ok."  And left.  Really?  That's ok?  It's ok that I'm in the house I pay you rent to live in, at 10:30 in the morning?  What a relief.


She still hasn't done the ONE thing that would actually make this a BETTER place to live - replace the carpets.  She's promised us wood floors, but on the condition that WE paint the entire interior of the house for her.  Bull.  Honky.  But whatever, we painted.  Then she complained she didn't like the colors we chose, even though she approved them.  I really feel like she wants us to break our lease & get out & is purposefully trying to make it uncomfortable for us to live here.

It really sucks because I like this house a lot, I get along with my roommates, and I love the area and the view.  I'm settled and comfortable and don't want to go through moving again.  But I'm keeping an eye out for a cheap studio or one-bedroom, just in case. 

Sorry to be bitching.  I sat outside to write & sit in the sunshine, but the roar of powertools and the sight of backyard destruction has made nowhere around the house a comfortable place to be.  Oh well, hopefully it will be over soon.  For now, it gives me a good reason to get out & DO something.

Today I am so happy & grateful for:
~ my hoodie
~ sleeping in
~ conversations with new friends

xo!  n.

Friday, November 12, 2010

heart a-flutter friday

Starting on Thanksgiving, my family always asks for a Christmas list & I never know what to tell them because I never really need anything.  And when I start looking for things, I often come across stuff I love but have no use for at this stage of my life, or that's way too expensive to expect anyone to get it for me.  So I'm starting a weekly post of all the lovely things that set my little heart a-flutter.

This way I get to enjoy window-shopping, start thinking about what to get my friends & family for Christmas, and have a sorta-kinda Christmas list to which I can direct my family.  And you get to drool over these lovely things too!  It's a win-win-win-win!

So here goes, the first installment of Heart a-flutter Friday!

Filigree Leaf Wrap Ring by BrillianceFound on Etsy
I really like gold lately and I love chunky rings. This one is big & fab, but flat so it won't get snagged on things like sweaters and eye sockets.

Oatmeal Cup Cozy by Natalya1905 on Etsy
Ohh, it's like my favorite old dad sweater -- for my coffee!  I just want to cuddle up with this!

Because playing around on Photoshop is one of my favorite things to do.
Pretty Birdie's Wooden Double Ring by StephanieTeague on Etsy
Made from scraps of wood from old guitars!  Double-finger rings remind me of brass knuckles, so even though this one is obviously non-violent, I think it would make me feel just a skoch bad-ass.

Lovely Little Bulbs Stack Rings by Kathiroussel on Etsy
I love dainty stack rings, especially when they're uneven & organic like this.
From SucculentsGalore on Etsy
I want this garden for my own!  Oh how I adore succulents.
Modern Baby Clock Owl by Decoylab on Etsy
Cute and kitschy but simple and modern.  Perfect for any room in my imaginary future house.

I love these sweet little birdies - I could line them in a row or spread them out to bring some color and whimsy into each room.
Well that was random & fun!  Can you tell how very much I love Etsy?  :)  I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did & maybe even got an idea or two for your own Holiday shopping!  Happy weekend!

Today I am so happy & grateful for:
~ lovely things
~ finding the perfect gift for someone (which I totally did today, but shhh I can't tell you who or what!)
~ The season of Thanks and Giving

xo!  n.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Say What You Need to Say

Sometimes things build up inside you - thoughts and feelings multiply, expand until they're too big, too out of control for words or to make sense of - and then suddenly you have the chance to speak, and all those feelings rush to be expressed, getting jammed somewhere between your brain, your heart and your mouth.  And your words are jumbled, and you're too choked up to speak clearly, but somehow, you say it.

And it feels so good.

Today I am grateful and happy for learning how to just say it.

xo,  n.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Daydreams of headwear & hefeweizen

I am totally unfocused today.  At work, my brain flits and stutters like an adolescent flirting.  Checking invoices - match, match, enter information, I need a new phone, those new t-mobile ones look cool, I wonder if I could get a refurbished iphone, my ipod is awesome, what is this song, ha ha that picture last night is great, ugh I'm tired, more coffee, pretty blogs, I need to work on mine, oh I need to write a to do list, I wonder if anyone will be home tonight, I need groceries but not today, I should drink more water, can't forget to pay my credit card, droopy flowers, I love this new hat...  and on and on.  It is an impossible task to try and get things done.  Sorry, work.

Yesterday Chick and I went shopping in Pasadena, which is right next door to me now, but until I moved to Eagle Rock I hardly ever experienced the money-spending joy that is Colorado boulevard.  Lucky for my wallet, nothing fit quite right or seemed worth the price except a $5 hat that kinda makes me look like a rastafarian hipster (pictured in the pub crawl pics below) but I love it anyway.

Strangely enough, I bought the hat partially because I dreamt it the night before.  I dreamt that I went on a trip to San Francisco with a cute guy & I was wearing this hat.  I woke up thinking, man that was a good dream... and I want that hat.  So when I stumbled across it at Forever 21, I knew it was meant to be.  Now to find the cute guy...  :)
hmm... pretty close...  [source]

Chick bought more stuff but I just had fun window-shopping, trying things on, and sitting outside with glass of wine and my lu lu (that's what Chick & I call each other - long story).

Then, starting around 4:30pm, we joined friends for the 2nd Official Caccese Pub Crawl!  Caccese is the friend I hung out with in NYC; he's from NY, we all met when he lived in LA, and when he moved back to NY we had a goodbye pub crawl for him.  He's back visiting & we decided to make it a tradition.  Not only was it fun to see Caccese again, but it was also the first time we'd seen our friend BCK since he moved back to LA from Chicago!  Lots and lots and lots of silliness ensued.

 I crashed on the couch at Teeter & Chick's house again - I've slept there at least one night every weekend since I've been back - and thank goodness for the hat I got because right now it is hiding my dirty hair and posing as a style choice, when really it's more of a neccessity.  I've had two cups of coffee & am still sleepy, my breath tastes like onions (which makes no sense - I didn't eat any & I swear I brushed my teeth), and my face is puffy from dehydration.  Aren't I just freakin adorable!?  Ga-ross.

It is coooooold in LA tonight - perfect chili weather.  On the way home, I stopped at the grocery store for fresh ingredients and then made a big ol' pot of turkey & bean & veggie chili with some cornbread.  Mmmm...  And my roomie baked persimmon cookies so I am sitting here with a cup of green tea and a soft fresh cookie, all wrapped up cozy in a blanket.  What a lovely way to end my day.

I am so happy & grateful for:
~ winter weather!!
~ healthy delicious food
~ good times with kooky friends

xo!  n.
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