Monday, October 26, 2009

Day 8 pt. 2: the hostel scene

Last minute, Amy, Rosie & I reserved a room in a giant hostel in St. Kilda, Melbourne. Base backpackers. I'm not a superfan bc its really large & impersonal, and we're in an 8 bed dorm, which, tho a big room, feels crowded. But it has a ton of computers, events every night & a bar downstairs so as long as my friends want to stay I'm ok with it. We are going to try to dig up a smaller room tho.

Amy has an old friend living here & she was kind enough to give the three of us a driving tour of the neighborhood. Saw the beach & some sights of the area.

Then we walked one of the main roads of st. Kilda, lined with shops & cafes, had dinner & got cakes from one of the many devilishly tempting bakeries. Mmmm.

Then to the supermarket for the weeks provisions of bread & cheese, and back to the hostel. They'd given us drink vouchers at check-in, so we went to the bar for some live music & beer.

I sat watching all the awkward early 20-ers trying to hook up, to be noticed by the opposite sex. Showing off & posing & self-concious. It made me feel old but in a good way. In an i-know-who-i-am-and-youre-still-figuring-it-out sort of way. I was there & I'm happy to not be. Best of luck, kids.

Of course, its still always nice to be mistaken for 23 (yup, a guy we met guessed that - and he wasn't being nice bc he said it to amy, I wasn't even listening.) :)

And now its time for bed. Tomorrow, I explore. Goodnight.

Xo! n.


  1. I haven't been able to read your last 3 enteries until today. I feel like I missed out on so much! You really do pack it in. You are very welcome for the thermals. I know you did way more research then I ever did about your trip, but I didn't think that you would encounter that much rain/snow/cold weather! I am off to work now and by the time you get this you will have started your Tuesday. So weird still...xo

  2. Please tell us who Amy & Rosie are and where they are from.

  3. oh nikki, you look every bit of 23 years of age. and, in your next and forthcoming blogs you can redirect your "i know who i am and your still trying to figure it out" to "i'm not sure who i am, why did i do that, and i should hurry and figure it out" haha. glad your having an amazing time!!!!!! Jealous, yes!!!


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