Friday, October 30, 2009

Day 12: snot.

I finally have to admit I'm not well & slow down. Stupid asshole roommates (not my two lovely friends, the other 5) came in at 4am making all kinds of ridiculous rukus - yelling at each other & trying to get into each others beds. Finally Amy told them to shut the F up & after a couple times they actually did.

Then at 9am they were all up, phones ringing, talking & ragging on each other full-voice. I got no sleep, pissed me right off. I'm not THAT old; I don't know how people can be that self-absorbed & rude.

Anyway. Rosie left for New Zealand today :( its been nice having a group of friends here. Amys been the absolute best today; she contacted her friend Charlotte who lives here & she & I went over to C's house, sat on the couch, watched movies, napped & ate chicken noodle soup. Most people wouldn't keep some sick girl they just met company - she even offered to split a private room w me so I could afford it - she's really such a good friend. I'm going to miss her. :)

We made our own tapas shmorgasboard for dinner - olives, hummus, bread, cheese - then went to 7 apples (famous gelato place that should've been on my list) for free gelato!

Cheap & relaxing day.

Oh, by the way, apparently there IS a Luna Park in Melbourne & it DOES have the oldest wooden rollercoaster. Oops. But it didn't open til today & I was not feeling up for it. Oh well its just a rollercoaster anyway.

AND - cant believe I didn't mention this earlier - my sparrow necklace broke!! :( I've worn it every day for over a year - makes me really sad. Sigh.

Well, the jerkface roommates are gone for now so its the perfect time to try & fall asleep. Got to be on a bus to Adelaide at 6:30 in the morning... And you'd better believe I'm not going to be quiet about it! *evil grin*

Today I'm so grateful & happy for:
~ cold meds
~ a quiet couch to nap on
~ starting a new chapter of the adventure tomorrow

Xo! n.


  1. Jerkface room-mates deserve some serious wakeing upat 6:30. Cold water and ice maybe?
    Let no bad deed go unpunished.

  2. New captcha word:

  3. Hello...the sparrow has been set free!

    Feel better, Nikolai - you've still got lots of Oz to see!

  4. noooo not the necklace :( ...have a fun new adventure..glad you got a rest day!

  5. heyyyy!! where's my comment i posted last week? it was appropriate! way way appropriate!


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