Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Day 2 pt. 2: at the top of down under

So I climbed the steps to the opera house (couldn't get inside) & walked Circular Quay, where I heard a guy playing the digeridoo. Then I still had an hour to kill b4 the bridge climb so I stopped into the modern art museum.

It was so cool.

Sometimes I'm not a fan of modern art; it just seems weird & pointless, but sometimes, like what I saw today, it is SO imaginitive & interesting.

There was a dark room with water falling & it looked like a projection but I stuck my hand out & it was really water! (I realize that doesn't sound exciting but it was so surprising!)

There was this neat campervan thing that almost looked like what hansel & gretle would vacay in. Inside were all these detailed kitschy things that made you feel like someone was living there & you'd just missed them.

There was a whole weird word made out of blown glass - beautiful venitian-style glass made into beings half-car-half-bird with human legs. So cool.

There was a whole wall of wire sculpture (pictured). :)

People probably thought I was crazy bc I was just walking around with this goofy grin, but it was so interesting to me!

Now I'm at the bridge climb spot, waiting to go. I was feeling nervous until I saw that a 100 year old woman had done it! That's living to the fullest. And if she can do it, I certainly can.

Done! I did it. I climbed the bridge. It wasn't as dramatic as I expected, but it was fun & quite an impressive view. The very top was, of course, the best - the wind made it feel dangerous, like I could be swept away in an instant (don't worry mom, I was attached to a safety line) but it was also fun when we were climbing over the water or the traffic & could look down to see waves or cars beneath our feet.

I don't think it was quite worth $200 (and you aren't allowed to bring a camera; the pics they take are $20+) but I'm still glad I did it. And the adventure of getting there was really the highlight of the day.

Now I'm hungry & my legs are tired & I don't feel safe walking back alone at night so I'm waiting for the bus.

Its funny, i seem to get lonely at nightfall. in the sunshine, the day is full of possibilities & I feel perfectly confident on my own, but when night comes I want the security of familiar faces & places. And someone to have dinner with.

I'm back in kings cross & despite the fact that I'm pretty sure I just passed a hooker on the main drag, I feel more comfortable in "my neighborhood". Looking forward to the Thai coconut chicken soup I just ordered. Mmmm...

Not quite as good as lemongrass but pretty delish & enough to eat tomorrow too. Back at the hostel & everyones tired. Listening to the American boys explaining our football to German boys who are eager to learn & drinking (strangely) Mexican beer. Might make this an early night...


  1. Sparrow
    You are quite the international girl!
    Mexican beer, German boys, french girls.
    Unbelievable that the bridge climb costs so much. For that price they should fly you up and back. Statue of Liberty, Washington Monument don't cost near that much.
    So glad you are making new friendships. I knew you would.
    Keep the photos and 'reporting' coming.
    Love you

  2. congrats on the climb, that is awesome! I love waking up to read about your adventures...listen, if you get lonely during dinner-then obtain your garden gnome quickly and you, he, and your motion sickness wristbands can have some lovely dinner conversation-you can tell him about the garden gnome in our backyard! ;)

  3. Your crazy!!! I had to stop reading and look up the "bridge climb." Hence, the reason of your CRAZINESS. That truely is insane but amazing at the same time, and I am sure that in the end, worth every bit of that $200 bucks. Sounds like you are having an amazing time. Love the blog and the pics. BE SAFE!


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