Saturday, October 31, 2009

Day 12 pt 1: BOO!

...Did I scare you?

I'm definitely not 100% yet but I do feel better this morning. Last night I very politely asked the loud roomies to keep it down and they DID. Amazing. I did wake up bc there was a thunderstorm, but after that I actually took my earplugs out! A first!

Its a wonder what a good nights sleep can do for a person.

I'm on the bus for the first day of a 3 day trip to Adelaide now. I'm really happy that my friend Erich (Swiss - met on the bus from Sydney to Melbourne) is on this trip too. I met the best people on that bus! Let's hope my luck continues.

Although halloween exists here, its not a big deal - no adults really celebrate it. My original plan was to get something silly to wear on the bus but I wasn't feeling well. Maybe I'll find something at one of our stops today. Ill at least try to get pics of all the halloweenie stuff I come across (if any). :)

I'm leaving Melbourne at just the right time - the Melbourne Cup starts this week & all the hostel prices skyrocket. Unintentionally good planning on my part. :) I thought I'd like Melbs more than I did; it was probably partially due to getting sick, partially due to the hostel & partially bc so many people had talked it up & I'd let my expectations get high. I still enjoyed it though.

First stop: shopping. Nah. I had a tea & talked to an Italian girl & a Swiss girl. Everyone is so interested to know what LA is like. :) Second stop: Winkipop beach & Bells beach, too foggy to see much. Then we officially entered the
Great Ocean Road.

Drove thru Lorne where there are sculptures all along the beachfront. I would've liked to get out & look at them but its not in the itinerary. Stopped at Kennet River & found koalas! Forgot to take a pic with my phone - sorry readers! Camera pics will get posted later. They are just balls of fluff up in the trees; they look so cuddly!

Learned a bit about koalas. Koala babies eat their moms poop to get them slowly used to the toxins in eucalyptus. Grody. They've intentionally been exposed to chlamydia to cull them (makes them sterile), but it also causes blindness in some & therefore death by starvation, which is just mean. :( poor little lazy guys.

Apparently, we're missing out on some spectacular coastline views bc the fog still hasn't lifted. Waaa waaah.

Stopped in Apollo Bay for lunch. As soon as I learned that "flake" was shark, I had to try it. My flake & chips is pictured. It is DELICIOUS!!! Very mild with nice thick texture. I'm so surprised how much I like shark. Yummers. Hope shark doesn't return the favor in Queensland. ;)

Now we're headed into the temperate rainforest in Otway National Park. I'm hoping to see the rare Otway Black Snail & some platypus; check back in later to find out...


  1. shark fish or shark-shark...Mary is gonna be mad at you!! ooooo....oh, and i instantly shared the koala poop story!

  2. In Perth, Halloween is even more non-existent even though we did pass a few kiddie parties yesterday afternoon which made me happy. If I was a kid and we moved to Australia I'd be so sad at not getting to trick-or-treat!

    Sorry it was cloudy for your first leg of the journey.

    Wherever you are along the way you're sure to have fun on Melbourne Cup on Tuesday, it's a much bigger holiday than Halloween here in Australia! You'll have to make yourself some sort of flower hat to wear that day...that's my challenge for you, I want to see the pictures!


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