Thursday, October 8, 2009

feed your ears

Last night i saw my friend, the ever-wonderful (or as our italian friend likes to say, "wouuuuuunnderrrrfoooool"), RJ Chesney play live.  his album's coming out next month - i'll be continents away! :( - and if you like old folk & stripped-down gospel, you'll love it.

promo photo - i think this is going to be the front of his album, "Wayward Son"

i left after he played bc i was woooorn out, but before he went on, i got to see two really great female artists & i wrote their names down because i really enjoyed them.

  Sarah Roberts sounds like a mix between Dolly Parton and Joni Mitchell, but i say that only in comparison, not to take anything away from her originality.  her lyrics really caught & held me, and her phrasing & musicality kept me interested to hear what was coming next.   unfortunatley, i came in just at the last two songs of her set; i really would've liked to hear more.

Julia Jordan is acoustic optimism.  her songs are poppy and catchy and not too deep (the ones i heard anyway) and they're just happy.  she's got a great stage presence too; she was friendly and warm & i felt like i could've chatted with her after the show... if i hadn't been so dang tired.

i love going to see live local music.  i love discovering new (to me) artists. love it love it love it.

i'll be away bartending the NASCAR races in Fontana this weekend so i'm not sure if i'll be posting anything.  if i do, it'll be from my phone (so you'll get a taste of what my australian posts will mostly be like) and it might not be the most inspiring of posts - we work looong hours on our feet & i'm usually exhausted - but they might be pretty unintentionally funny.  later potaters!

today i am so grateful & happy for:
~ a great conversation with an old friend
~ new music
~ my favorite radio station coming in clearly this morning

xo! n.


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