Thursday, October 15, 2009


thanks to a blog i recently started following, [carrotspeak.], i was introduced to another travelblog that's similar to mine in the sense that they JUST left for their trip and so thus far the blog has been about the preparation for the trip and all sorts of other life things.  it's not similar to mine in the sense that they're documenting their trip around the world!  lucky goobers.  but it's ok, i'm doing my round the world trip piece by piece.  :)  anyway, the blog is ... sending postcards and they created a "wanderlist" which is like a bucket list except way more hopeful & has way less to do with death.

so here is my Wanderlist ("a list to inspire wanderlust," they say) for Australia:

  • scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef
  • live on a boat, at least for a few days
  • skydive onto the beach (i've skydived once before, but not in Australia)
  • touch a koala
  • see real aboriginal drawings
  • climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge
  • see Uluru at sunset/sunrise
  • explore a cave
  • make friends with strangers & fellow travelers
  • bushwalk the outback
  • camp in the desert
  • eat an Aussie BBQ, complete with weird foods i've never tried before
  • play a didgeridoo
  • see a show at the Sydney Opera House
  • ride the largest wooden rollercoaster in the world at Luna Park
  • do a canopy walk in the rainforest
i expect there'll be lots of other things to explore that i haven't even thought of too...  i'll revisit this list later on to cross things off!

i sooooo want to see this movie - and i totally agree with the tagline

today i am so happy and grateful for:
~ my last day of office work for two months!  (and my job for letting me have 2 months off)
~ thai coconut chicken soup - oooh yummers
~ the persistent wanderlust that pulled me to make this trip happen

xo! n.


  1. Your count down clock just gave me chills. I'm so excited for you but at the same time I know how much I'm going to miss you. Love your list and can't wait to share your experiences as you check them off. Love U - Mom

  2. You're going to have the time of your life, I'm sure. Safe and wonderful travels...I'll be following your blog!

  3. Awesome list! So glad we inspired you and we may just have to borrow one or two of those when we head over to Australia. Happy travels!

  4. Thanks Mina! Safe & happy travels to you both too!

    Dawn, thanks for following! we have got to catch up when i get back. :)

    Momma, I'm gonna miss you too, sooo much. xoxo


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