Friday, October 23, 2009

Day 5: lucky

Ok so I'm not upset with my chatty roomie, in fact I totally love her; we spent the whole day hanging out. It was a great last day in Sydney.

We took the ferry out to
Manly Beach - gorgeous ride on a gorgeous day. I like that area; its a little touristy but lovely & not too crowded. I can't get over how blue the water is! Three shades of turqouise!

We successfully avoided the beached jellyfish that were dotting the sand like slimy blue seashells and sat on the beach & talked (so nice to have someone to talk to!) and then had a nice outdoor lunch - tried a fish I've never heard of. Walked around & enjoyed the sunshine.

Took the ferry back & then took the train over the Harbour bridge (we were geeking out over the view while everyone else read their newspapers) to Luna Park. That's where I was told the oldest wooden rollercoaster was... But I was told wrong. Its the oldest wooden Carousel - 100 years old! It was beautiful but not as exciting as an old rollercoaster (death wish? Nah) and cost $10 to ride so I just took a picture. I'm still crossing "ride the oldest wooden rollercoaster at Luna Park" off my wanderlist tho bc really its N/A.

I'm still glad we went there though, because Luna Park is a really cool old 1920s looking place. I know you've seen pictures of the entrance; its a huge sorta girly, frighteningly manly face through whose mouth you have to walk to get into the park. I wish I'd taken a pic with my phone but alas. You'll have to wait to see it dear readers.

Then back over the bridge (again, geeking out) & walked the Quay down to the opera house to see if there was anything cheap we could see um like immediately. The Taming of the Shrew was playing for $55 (all female cast; I got really excited) but it'd just started. The box office lady said I could still see God of Carnage, but the cheapest ticket was $80. I was about to say oh well & walk away to hide my tears, when she said, "wait, how old are you?" Turns out they have an under-30 discount; I got the ticket for $30!

That's a $50 discount. What!!

I mean, excuse me, I'd have to be an idiot to turn that down. And the show was amazing - great acting, brilliant direction, funny & moving & beautiful to watch.

I won't tell you the plot, but I will say: the entire show, the back wall was reflective tiles, not quite mirrors, that let thru cracks of light & on which the actors shadows loomed. With the very last line, "what do we know," and a projected image of a child slamming down a wooden weapon, the tiles shattered & the stage went black. It was such a powerful moment. My heart jumped to my throat & my eyes welled up unexpectedly. It was really beautiful.

So I saw a show at the opera house!! What a high!

Then on the way back to the hostel, we got Indian food, had a couple beers & manifested good things. I'm going to miss chatty roomie (she's not that chatty; she's very cool) but I'm excited to start the next stage of my trip tomorrow.

Thanks, Sydney, you've been lovely.

Today I am so grateful & happy for:
~ recovering from a nasty morning
~ asking for what I want (& getting it)
~ a great new friend
~ a pretty perfect last day in Sydney

Xo! n.


  1. good thing I didn't go on the trip...that ticket would have cost me $ would have seen the play and I would have gone to have a drink somewhere and heard all about it later... :) so happy you got to see it..sounds fantastic...

  2. Great adventure in Sydney. Looking forward to the rest of "Nikki's Excellent Advernture"
    lv U

  3. Just can't get enough of this. First thing I look for when I wake is the grateful sparrow. love you,


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