Wednesday, October 14, 2009

oh the places you'll go!

last night my roommates, teeter & chick, took me out for an early bon voyage celebration.  we had cocktails and appetizers (tails n teasers, as we like to call 'em), salads, and delicious seafood meals...  at red lobster.  yup.  classy, huh?  it is hilarous to me that some of our favorite traditions involve places like red lobster & the olive garden; i'm usually not a fan of chain restaurants & would much rather find a local gem, but duuuuude, teeter gets gift cards to the ol' lobster every year - we racked up a bill of $120 and ended up having to pay only $16 (plus a nice tip, of course)!  com'on you know you'd do it too.  besides, their cheesy biscuts are to die...

anyway, during that dinner, they asked me for my itinerary, so now like 4 people have asked for it so i can actually say this entry is by popular demand.  well, maybe popular as in the coolest kid in a small group of nerds, not really popular.  i digress.

i leave LA on october 17 & arrive in Sydney the morning of Oct 19  (it is SO weird to me that the 18th of october, 2009, won't exist in my life - my flight's only 15 hours but bc of the time difference i skip an entire day!)

then: Sydney shenanigans!

i leave Sydney for a 3 day adventuring bus tour to Melbourne on Oct 24 & arrive in Melbourne Oct 26.

then: Melbourne madness!

on Halloween (and i just realized i'm going to be staying in a possibly super-creepy population 4 town on halloween night... this is not good. i do not do well with creepy things) i leave Melbourne for another 3 day adventuring bus tour to Adelaide.

then: Adelaide amazement!

i leave Adelaide November 7 for a 6 day adventuring bus tour to the Red Center & Alice Springs.   I'll be flying out to Perth on November 13 - friday the 13th!  Ack!  why are things creepy?!?

then i get to hang out with my super good friend AB & her fiancee the Scot & work the Awesome Arts Festival (yes, that is the real name of it) for some Perth pleasantries.

i fly out of Perth and across the continent to Cairns Dec 8.  i'm not sure at this point how long or what days i'll be in Cairns & when i'll be heading out on a boat to sail the Whitsunday Islands, but it'll be Queensland Quaziness until i fly out Dec. 15.

I'll arrive back in LA around 4:30pm Dec. 15, all tan & exhausted, with loads of pictures and juicy stories, i'm sure.  :)

all images via we heart it 

today i am so happy & grateful for:
~ it's raining & chilly in LA!
~ good times with good friends
~ feeling confident in my self & brave enough to take this adventure

xo! n.

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