Tuesday, October 13, 2009

git 'er dun

i really enjoy bartending. everyone loves the bartender; she's everyone's buddy. it can get stressful when you're slammed and it's not great being on your feet for long hours, but generally it's easy work (tho i still get nervous that someone's going to ask for something i don't know how to make) and people are usually nice to you because A: they want a good pour, and B: you're making them happy & drunk. it's a win win.

this year at NASCAR we had the usual drunk rednecks (best - and by best i mean worst - shirt i saw, on a skeezy old guy of course, was: "i'm not a gynecologist but i'll take a look." VOMIT), there were so many toothless smiles, and one guy, "plumber jerry," asked to touch my hair & said he wanted to lick my head - ewwww. luckily, the bar is deep, metal, and you'd have to go through the kitchen to get behind it, so we had a good safety buffer.

pretty sure i served this guy a jack & coke or a coors light...

my favorite customer this year - and by favorite i mean favorite - was Sue. she was THE sweetest lady & she wasn't even drinking. first, she tipped me really nicely & the bar was slow so we got to talking. she liked to rhyme in a sing-song-y way; she'd say things like "hi my name is sue, how do you do!" adorable. she was so bright and happy - every time she came back to the bar she called me "my angel" and on the last day of the races, she brought me & my roommate starbucks gift cards and fresh doughnuts! how cute. i wish i'd gotten a picture with her. loved her.

in other news...

i leave saturday. holy crap. yesterday i did a test backpack pack & i'm pretty sure i can get everything i need in there. it's going to be dang heavy, but i can do it. made lists (i love lists) of things i need to put into my carry-ons, what goes in which bag, what i need to pack the day of my flight... sigh. i'm excited but i'm weighted down by the minutia...

all images via we heart it

found out my friend T is coming to cairns with me; she got her ticket! i haven't even thought much about that leg of the trip yet, i've been so focused on the first part of it, so hopefully everything will work out awesome with her there. i haven't seen her in years, so it should be interesting :) but she's an independent girl & i'm confident we'll get along just fine.

coming soon, by popular demand (and by popular i mean requested by my parents), i'll post my basic itinerary so y'all have an idea when i'll be where. i seriously can't believe i leave so soon. that is knuts.

today i am so grateful & happy for:
~ cash tips
~ free food & goodies
~ psssst! dry shampoo (i can be all dirty unshowered & you won't even know it *evil laugh*)

xo! n.

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  1. Don't forget to pack your toothbrush. Or your PJ's.

    What is dry shampoo? You're going to have such a great time - I only wish you could bring your backpack up my way!


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