Monday, November 30, 2009

Day 43: candyland

My back is sore from the sofa bed & my mouth tastes like something died in it but other than that I feel fine. No passion pop hangover!

AB & I were both woken up by what sounded like a cat being thrown into a wall, and then again later by some crazy loud owl hoots. What kind of menagerie does Tegan live in!?

We all had the giggles this morning, looking at pictures from the night before. My voice was lower than usual (for my b'ham peeps: "I'm really a man...") from being around smokers all night, and I think Lauren was still a little drunk - we could not stop laughing.

AB, Tegan, Lauren & I walked to a cute little cafe for breakfast, where we talked about office politics & Tegan's impending music stardom. Seriously, check out the Voltaire Twins so you can be all hipster cool & say you were a fan before they got big.

Voltaire Twins in concert

Fuled by coffee, eggs, toast & beans (very common for brekkie here, don't judge), I went straight to the blue room to continue the bump out of Llamaland.

Llamaland was an art installation & the only way to really describe it is: Tim Burton meets Dr Seuss meets Alice in Wonderland on crack & doused in purple. Doll bodies with legs for heads & doll heads with a leg for a body tumble off a teapot pouring sugar onto the astro-turf floor. Mannequin heads in cages & a mannequin bartender dressed as a circus ringleader serving up sweets & lollies that spill out between dissasembled robots. Toys & candy & styrofoam bubbles coating a world made from precariously placed monocromatic dishwashers, TVs, refrigerators, and copiers. For kids? Maybe. Creepy & kitschy & fun? Absolutely.

the first installation of Llamaland - not exactly what ours was like, but similar

Kat, Jenna, Kath, Rose (the artist) & I spent the day elbow-deep in sugar, pulling up fake grass, unscrewing purple household appliances (which were real, and really heavy), and ungluing & boxing toy parts, all to an appropos soundtrack of Tom Waits. Not a bad day, actually.

When we'd gotten most of it dissasembled & packed up & mostly just had big heavy man-jobs left, we knocked off & met the guys at William street for a beer. Rose brought her dog -oh I want a dog!- and we were all so exhausted that conversation was pretty minimal. Still good company though; I really like the people I've been working with. Despite the fact that AB will be in Canada, I would do this job again next year if they'd get me a visa. Just putting that put there... :)

Jason was awesome & drove me home again so I wouldn't have to take the bus. When I got in, the TV was on & I know The Scot isn't keen on conversations while he's watching TV, so I just said hi & quietly made myself a snack in the kitchen. After a few minutes, I realized they were watching Gossip Girl & I was like vomit! So disappointing! But I didn't say anything. Then, a few minutes later AB came into the kitchen to talk to me & I realized The Scot wasn't even home! I couldn't see the couch from the kitchen so I was assuming he was there! AB had even made some comments but I didn't respond bc I thought she was talking to him. She just thought I was in a bad mood & didn't want to talk. So funny. I'm still grossed out that she watches it (though she said its bc its so bad that its funny & its totally a guilty pleasure for when The Scot's not around), but I'm super relieved its not something they both watch seriously. We had a good laugh over that.

When The Scot came home, silly from an office function, we watched Glee & I tried to blog but I was just too tired. Ahh bedtime.

Today I am so happy & grateful for:
~ this job
~ my health & strength
~ the acceptance of the crew & kindness of new friends
~ not having to watch Gossip Girl! :)
Xo! n.


  1. Llama land looks very "calartsy"

  2. I'm really a man....are you ready??

  3. This shit kicks ass when you're on acid....I'm on acid...

  4. "Tim Burton meets Dr Seuss meets Alice in Wonderland on crack and doused in purple"

    ....starring Johnny Depp. In theatres this fall.

    *overdramatically blows out candle*


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