Thursday, November 26, 2009

Day 39: Gobble!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

For the first time in my life, I have to work on Thanksgiving day. How very unpatriotic! :)

At least work went well, there was no frenchie drama & everyone was in a good mood from last nights fete.

My German friend Sarah (from the Sydney to Melbs bus) came to visit & we got our picture taken all pegged up! It was fun! J needed to reach an outlet up a tree so I stood on his shoulders, a feat which drew a crowd but no electricity - the outlet was turned off. Waa waaah.

me & sarah, pegged up by the frenchies 

Lauren spent the whole day making jokes & innuendo about last nights flirtations. She was cracking me up; she has a big crush on the dutchie boys but has a boyfriend so she just wants someone to kiss one of them bc she can't. AB has a crush on them too; they were playing thanksgiving & one of them said "I'm thankful that you exist." ha ha! When she told The Scot he just rolled his eyes - he knows its all silliness.

After work I went to woolies (Woolworths, a grocery store here - always makes me think "...and stay out of the woolworths!") for turkey day supplies & then caught the bus home.

But I guess the bus changed its number at the bus station bc after a really long time riding, the driver stopped, left, came back on, noticed me & said, what are you doing on here? I said, doesn't this bus go to marine parade?
No. This is the 24. You need the 102.
But it was the 102.
Not anymore.
Can you tell me where to catch the 102?
At the 102 bus stop.
Can you tell me where that is (you big fat jerkface a-hole)?

Luckily the bus I was on still took me in the right direction (which is why I didn't notice it was wrong) and the right stop was just around the corner. Then, the next bus driver was talking so loudly to a passenger that he missed a girls stop! What is going on with bus drivers today!?

I finally made it home, showered, picked up my room, washed dishes & started making appetizers: my famous stuffed mushrooms & a new feta, artichoke & red pepper dip - mmmm. AB came home & with both of us cooking it started to kind of feel like Thanksgiving.

We had a few guests for dinner: Uta, Lauren, and Sherie came over with her two young boys, who are so adorable & such a handful.

We had chicken casserole (AB's tradition), green bean casserole with french's onions of course, sweet potato mashers, a turkey roll (which was supposed to have stuffing in it but didn't - the only food I really missed), gravy & cranberry sauce. With the very first bite, it was officially Thanksgiving.

Our Thanksgiving table: (L to R) Lauren, The Scot, AB, Uta, Sherie

The talk turned to Christmas & family traditions, and it started to sink in that I won't be with my family this year, for the first time. I won't be able to see my dad with the cat soft & purring on his knee, my moms knowing smile as we unwrap something she knows we'll love, my brother orchestrating the gift-giving so he opens the final present. I'll have to make my own pierogies on Christmas eve. And I know I'll be sharing it all with other people I love, and it will be ok, but it still makes me sad. Sigh.

But otherwise, it was great conversation with great people. I'm so glad to meet AB & The Scot's friends; everyone has been really lovely (of course) & I feel comfortable with them as though I've known them much longer than a few weeks.

Its not Thanksgiving if you don't feel like you're going to pop at the end of it & by the time I polished off my piece of pumpkin cheesecake, I was full to bursting.

We cleared the table, said goodnight, and I logged onto skype to call home. Had nice conversations with both of my parents & my very groggy brother, accidentally woke chick up (sorry lu lu I thought maybe you'd be up early for the parade!) and left messages for teeter & my BFF. Later, AB video chatted with her whole family & I got to say hi - that was nice. :) Then my big turkey belly & I went to bed.

Today I am so Thankful for:
~ this Australian experience
~ sharing Thanksgiving with AB & The Scot & new friends
~ skype
~ sunny days
~ the start of the Christmas season
~ comfort
~ bending & changing
Xo! n.


  1. I am so glad to catch up again! No worries about calling..I had my alarm to go off a bit later anyways for the weird that it didn't hit me yesterday when you called that you had already had a full day and I was just about to start mine. So neat to read what you were doing prior to calling..xoxo

  2. Loved hearing your voice. So glad you had a good turkey day in spite of the bus driver fiasco.


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