Sunday, November 1, 2009

Day 15: limitless sky

Wow 15 days already! Slept fast & deep in a silent, dark, comfortable room & feel so much better today. The sun is coming out & I'm in a great mood.

First stop, bright & early, was Reid Lookout. Beautiful wide empty expanse. Mountians in the distance had clouds caught on their peaks, which looked like the softest snow. Can't describe the majesty of it & I know my pictures are poor representations. Theres going to be a brilliant blue sky today & with the separating clouds, it's upstaging everything else.

Next: Mackenzie Falls. Handsome smooth black rock with streams of water frothing over. I climbed on rocks & checked out caterpillars like a curious 5 year old. This morning had a tinge of autumn that reminded me of Maryland, growing up, but its shaping up to be a hot day.

Hiked up to the top of Hollow Mountain. It wasn't as much hiking as scrambling over rocks & boulders. Very fun. We even had to crawl through a cave! At the pinnacle, it was a 360 degree panoramic view of trees & mountains & farmland. There isn't really a path, so going down it looked dangerous - its steeper than I realized on the way up! Good fun, glad I did it.

Stopped for lunch I Horsham & had a famous Australian meat pie (pictured) - eh not so great. I ordered beef & veg but I got beef & bacon and it was a bit greasy. I feel kinda gross after eating it; got an apple & an orange to try & appease my unhappy stomach.

Snoozed on the bus til we crossed the border into Southern Australia & it is hot hot HOT. Apparently, SA is the driest state on the driest continent in the world. And I decided to visit it in summer. :)

In Bordertown, we saw a fenced in area with genetically modified white kangaroos. They serve no purpose except bringing tourists in & they can never survive out of captivity. They don't even look very healthy. It's really sad. If you're ever here, please don't support this pointless disturbance of nature.

Two more hours on the bus til Adelaide. Talk to you then... Zzzzzz...


  1. I never would have even tried making it to the top of Hollow Mountain. I would have been a Hollow weenie.

    This is what you're missing.


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