Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day 30: cameras & concerts

Went to the wrong bus stop this morning & missed my bus to work. Plus, in my cartoon-y Awesome T-shirt, capris, ankle socks & tennies, I look special.

Not really starting the day off right.

the wrong bus stop - but its a nice view!

Finally made it into the city & went straight to where the Frenchies were set up, as J told me yesterday I'd probably be with them. They were working with their volunteers & didn't need me for much but my stage manager instinct kicked in & I started organizing, making phone calls to the office (finally I have an Oz phone!), etc. Kept myself useful.

the Frenchie's volunteers filling sand into sandbags

The French performance is really quite interesting; without stealing, I'd like to implement the idea back home. They do living portraits where they set up the audience in picture frames with different themes, one might be a giant bed, one might be a clothesline. Its a little like those cardboard stands at fairs where you stick your face in the hole & you're a weightlifter or girl in a bikini, but much more participatory. Maybe I can find a link to it online to show you; its really cool.

They let their volunteers go at 12:30 & J showed up around 2 & said there's not much to do today so I had an early afternoon off, which was useful since shops close at 5 here so I hadn't been able to get anything.

the art installation in forest chase (told you about it yesterday)

Wandered around pretty aimlessly until I stumbled across a camera shop. My intention was just to compare prices but the guy was so helpful, they had exactly what I wanted, and he gave me a discount sooo I bought a camera! AND an underwater case! AND got a little tripod for free! Hee hee hee.

Its the newest version of my old camera, so I pretty much know how to use it & I can use the memory cards I have. The underwater case was made specifically for it & goes 130ft deep, which is most likely about 40ft deeper than I'll need (but the other option is a camera that only goes 30ft deep, per what I've seen online, and I've already dived deeper than that). It was all expensive but I feel like it'll be worth it. They're both by cannon so the picture quality & colors are good & I can get support in the US if there are any problems later.

 So I guess thats my Aussie souvenir!!

Celebrated (and plugged in) my purchase with a glass of wine with AB at her office & then we met up with one of the artists, M, The Scot, and their friend for a sushi dinner & a concert.

AB's friend Tegan is in the band Voltaire Twins & they opened for Massimo Park tonight. They were FANTASTIC. Tegan rocks it out in a ridiculously graceful way & the other singer is all floppy hair & spastic moves, but it works. I seriously advise you to look them up & buy their music. Now.

Massimo Park was pretty good too tho not totally my scene; the lead singer could've been my friend George & actor Seth Green's hyperactive British love child so he was fun to watch. :)

All in all, good day.

Today I am so happy & grateful for:
~ being able to buy a new camera & underwater case
~ good music
~ not knowing what happens next
Xo! n.

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