Friday, November 13, 2009

Day 26: Friday the 13th strikes!

Bad morning. Got up on time, early even, feeling good, all packed & ready to catch the taxi to the airport, and when I got to the front desk of the hostel at 9:45am I realized my flight was actually at 10am - not noon, like I'd thought.

*x@!!@??@*#!!!! GRRRR!

I called Quantas but bc I'd bought the cheapest ticket to begin with, I simply lost what I paid for it & had to buy a new ticket. And there's only one flight a day so I have to go tomorrow. Believe me, a lot of expletives were used & a few tears were shed, but in the end, it could be much much worse. In fact, James pointed out that there could be some greater reason I shouldn't be on that flight. So I'm making the best of it & having a lovely, unrushed, lazy day at the pool in the sun with the guys from the bus trip, doing "la bomba"s & getting some sun.

Relaxed at the pool for a good 4 hours; it was so nice to have nothing to do. I really enjoyed the company of those silly boys & I'm really grateful that they were still around to hang out with.

Had an uncomfortable moment with one of the guys (won't name names); he told me he has feelings for me. Although I've really enjoyed his company, I don't return the feelings & it really took me by surprise. That conversation is always tough. But we were both honest & by that night, we were totally cool again, friends, no hard feelings. But that plus missing my flight & being out of the past weeks routine made for a pretty weird day.

When the day cooled down a bit, Stephen, James & I went into town to look for a new camera for me but everything was already closed. Shops close so early here; I can't get used to it! So instead, we found a little outdoor bar with live music & had a drink & talked (pictured). It was lovely.

We met Dennis, Carstan, Sandeep, Michelle (Swiss, met at the pool earlier), Erich and Verena at Bojangles Saloon for dinner. This place is great with crazy aussie stuff all over the walls - signs & shotguns & dead animals. All but two of us had the mixed grill: kangaroo, emu, camel, buffalo, and crocodile. It was good; croc looks really weird but it tastes fine, a lot like chicken (of course).

We noticed the bar had live webcams so I emailed a few of you & chick happened to be online! We ran to the emptiest part of the bar to wave at her, Stephen, Sandeep, James & I danced crazy crazy, and I walked to right beneath the camera & cheers'd her. How very cool that I'm across the world & I could cheers my roomie back home?! We looked like total idiots to anyone else watching but it was so fun.

She also gave me a new challenge: get a non-American boys number on a coaster & I did one better - I got 6! Ha ha! I made all the boys put their numbers on a napkin; I know its cheating bc I know them, and I will do the challenge properly, but I couldn't resist. :)

Then just drinking & more silliness. Another good night and another sad goodbye, this time for real.

Today I'm so happy & grateful for:
~ handling things maturely
~ making the best out of a less than perfect situation
~ a day of relaxation
~ meeting such a great group of solo travellers from all over the world
~ seeing AB & The Scot tomorrow!

Xo! n.

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  1. i can't stop talking about how fun last night was with the web cameras!!! yes, James (i think that is right) is right..there is a greater reason why you missed your original flight. have a safe flight and give ron and amanda a big hug for me..xoxo
    oh, and nicely done with the coaster challange


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