Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Day 37: "incredible things are happening in this world"

Another fine day keeping an eye on the frenchies. It was hot, hot, hot outside - thank God for sunscreen, shorts, and hats. They had a bunch of school groups; they dressed the kids up as flowers, posed them as hairs in a hairbrush, and pinned them up to look like a tornado was sweeping them away. It was a fun time for all.

My Swiss friend Erich came by so we took a couple pictures together. Pierre said, in french, kiss!, and I think Erich understood bc we both sort of nervously laughed & totally ignored him. We're not that sort of friends. :)

Had some drama en francais & ran my butt off for a travelcard for the frenchies, but it all got sorted out & I was still off the clock by 3. The girls in the office were having "we're stressed out & this gin was free" cocktails & gossipping so I hung out with them for a bit. And I'm glad I did; I was able to book into the last minute empty seats in 3 shows! One of the artists, Louise, who's really great, got stood up so I filled in as her "hot date."

The shows were AMAZING.

First, we saw Holiday, which is a group from Sydney. You walk into the bar adjoining the theater space & the 4 performers are there dressed as flight attendants. They ask you to please remove your shoes & socks & kindly check all baggage (put your purse in a cubby). As you pass into security, you're asked if you're bringing any emotional baggage onboard, and some people are given a health check: kneel on one knee, show two fingers, blow your nose...

The theater space is three rows of real airplane chairs with a large screen in front. I won't give all their secrets away, but it's truly a sensory experience; they take you on holiday all over the world by incorporating all your senses and largely relying on the element of surprise. It was very strange, very creative & very fun.

Next we saw Crash, an 8 minute live video performance held in a shipping container. This uncle/nephew duo is from Amsterdam & I've spent some time working with them so I was really glad to finally see their show.

It was so great! Live video feed from a couple of small cameras, of a running man (its amazing how much fingers look like legs when you put shoes on them!) and a model car. All accompanied by live music. Fantastically creative - I was smiling the whole time.

Then we headed to Lumasol by Pips:Lab, a group of 4 brilliant Dutch guys (lots of Dutchies!) who do amazing things with lights & computers. Everyone in the audience got flashlights & we were able to write with light, via a camera, onto a projected screen, which they could then play back & dissect & twist around. So cool. I was picked to go onstage & draw one of 4 huge dancing men with a purple light, which was captured in the camera, as were images of us drawing them. Then, while 2 of the performers sang, live, I got to hold the guitar-like flat screen computer monitor & play the pictures so they came on the screen with the music! It was crazy!! AB & Louise went up later & were part of a sort of music video, and The Scot sneakily took pictures for the blog (to come soon). :)

LUMASOL from PIPS:lab on Vimeo.

I'm so impressed with the creativity & intelligence of that show. I didn't know what they did was even possible.

After that, there was a reception & I chatted with AB & The Scots friends & co-workers, and then a bunch of us headed to Billy Lees (an apparently legendary tiny Chinese restaurant) for a late dinner with the Lumasol guys. Kat ordered for everyone, which I don't think anyone minded bc there's a big lazy susan in the middle of the table so we all shared everything. It was deeeelish and the conversation was great.

The Scot drove us home & AB & I chattered away til I collapsed into my lovely bed.

Today I'm so happy & grateful for:
~ creativity!!
~ getting to see shows I wouldn't have had time to see another day
~ the bus ride to work, which gives me time to write
~ incredible things

Xo! n.

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  1. those shows sound AMAZING! so glad you are able to not only work for it but see it too!


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