Saturday, November 28, 2009

Day 41: shake it like a polaroid picture

Soooo tired. Pushed the snooze button about 8 times, got up, checked the bus schedule & went back to bed for just a bit longer. I was paranoid about missing the bus again but I still ended up getting to work 20 mins early AND about an hour & a half before my frenchies arrived. Grrrrr. Yaaaawn.


On top of that, apparently, last night, someone stole the tie that held the curtain back on the frenchies stage & its all blown over the front of the strings & the frame. I can't reach it to get it back to where it should be & no one else is here to watch the space while I go get a chair to stand on. No ones on headset so I'm assuming all the other spaces are locked so I can't fetch a ladder either. AND the wind is crazy & keeps knocking everything I just put up back down again, right in the middle of a pedestrian walkway. I don't have enough sandbags to weigh everything down. I am so frustrated & irritated it is not even funny.

A punk kid with a video camera just came over & filmed me, asking what frequency our radios were on. Uh yeah, like I'm gonna give you that information so you can mess with us. Try again.

My vollies were running late & when the frenchies finally got here, they were like, oh are we late? Ha. Ha. And since I had to wait for them to arrive to set up half their stuff, they weren't ready by the time they were scheduled AND they had a group of sponsors there that had to wait til they were ready. Ugh.

Then there was a big fuss over their photo paper supply - AB reckons there's no way they possibly went through it all; the numbers don't match up. The frenchies insist they did. I'm in the middle.

Its noon & I'm grouchy & exhausted.

the way i'm feeling- grrrr.  (from

On my 5 min lunch break, I checked my new bank account & it actually lifted my cloud a bit! I'm still not sure of my hourly rate, but let's just say I was paid more for one week of work than I am for two back home. Granted, that "one week" involved 8 days of full hours but still... That & the cheap, delicious pumpkin pie (savory, like a quiche) I had for lunch made me feel a lot better.

Time to quit complaining.

The rest of the day went pretty well, though I was continually fighting my irritation at the frenchies standing around smoking instead of taking pictures.

There's a 20 something french guy who comes by & just hangs out every day. I tried to talk to him in french the first day he showed up but since then he never talks to me. I assumed he didn't speak English, but today I was proven wrong; we had a very nice conversation. The frenchies kept passing us with raised eyebrow oh la la faces. They're such hams.

Stopped by the office for a bit where AB informed me we're going to a housewarming party tonight & The Scot is coming to pick us up. I like this, someone else being in control of my social calendar. :)

sunset at Cottesloe Beach

Went home to change & eat & I realized this is the first time in at least a week that I've been home before dark. Yikes. I sat on the couch & read!!! Yes, that does deserve three exclamation points - its been less than rare & was so nice & relaxing. The Scot cooked amazing fajitas & AB made tequila-less margs (yummy) & we sat out on the balcony and ate by sunset.

AB & Jeff

We headed to Jeff's for the housewarming, where we got the full tour of his brand new, super nice & spacious place. I met a bunch of Jeff's and AB & The Scot's friends, and got silly with Thomas, Stacy and DD, friends I've met before. I told DD that gin smells like Christmas trees so he went & collected some pine needles to compare & ended up putting them in his gin & lime, calling it a "nikki hendriks." Later in the night, the 6 of us were the only people left; we raided Jeffs CD collection & had dance party Australia in his living room. So fun. So silly.

DD, nikki hendricks, and me

I had no idea what time it was - getting ready for bed, I looked at the clock: 3am!!!  Shock! Horror! Why do we have a death wish??

Ah but it was fun. :)

Today I am so happy & grateful for:
~ improving my mood
~ some relaxing couch time
~ shade
~ dancing like crazy

Xo! n.


  1. you do love you some dance parties!

  2. Don't worry chick there is even a video of the said dancing!

  3. "He's a coldhearted snake, look into his eyes"


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