Friday, November 27, 2009

Day 40: le premier jour de noel


My bus is always 15 minutes late but of course the day I'm running late it's on time. I ran to the stop but I still missed it! Grr. By the time I arrived to work, AB had called to find out where I was & Jenna had already set up the frenchies space for me. She's the bestest.

I had to run some errands for the frenchies and, walking through Forest Place now that it's after Thanksgiving, the Christmas lights seem brighter & twinklier, the Christmas music makes me feel jolly, and I'm scoping out shop windows for pressie ideas. The hap-happiest time of the year has officially begun!


Pierre & I had an interesting conversation about acting, half en francais & half in english. I don't think my french is getting better but my level of comprehension is improving a bit. They want to take J, Kat & me out for dinner tonight; I'd really rather have a night off but I don't want to be rude & besides, it should be fun. If we don't do it now, it won't happen.

Work was good - the frenchies were fine, the vollies were great. No dramas. Sarah came over to say hi again and Dan from Crash did too but I think he had ulterior motives. He said, I hear you and the other Dutch guy were making out.
Nope. (its true, it was just some harmless flirting, we did not even come close to kissing)
Yeah, your friend told me you were.
Nope, I haven't kissed any boys.
Well they all have girlfriends anyway.
All but one.
Ah ha! So you know which one is single! You DID kiss him!
No I didn't! (laughing) and I'm sure what you heard is that Lauren wants me to kiss a Dutch boy.
(then we talked about Lauren coming to America - no, Lauren, he didn't call you bad names - and he had to go bc he was meeting up with a girl friend & her baby, and said) I don't know what we're doing; knowing women, we'll probably be shopping.
You're so sexist.
Thank you.

he's a little eavesdropping shit-stirrer.  :)

Then I went up to the office & the other Dutchies were there so I couldn't even laugh to AB & Lauren about what'd just happened. We chatted while I ate my - best part of thanksgiving - leftovers for lunch, and I was about to head home when the radio crackled & I was needed out in wondersite to stop kids barreling into the fish sculpture.

Hung out there for 2 hours with Matt & Kat & a precocious 13 year old vollie who knows way more about tech than I probably ever will. By the time I was done, it was too late to go home before dinner & the girls, along with Kase & Vincent, were having tails n teasers in the office, so Kat & I joined them. Laughing, laughing, laughing.

Caught a ride with J & Kat to the frenchies accommodation, which I thought was super nice with large windows, a patio & big kitchen, but they seemed to think it was crappy. They can be a really demanding group.

Dinner was delicious, no less than you'd expect from french cuisine. First course was a crab avocado bake with lemon juice & black olives, served with french bread of course. Then potatoes au gratin & baked chicken with peppers. For dessert, we had cheese & fresh fruit salad. Mmmmm... And of course wine, but I found it pretty funny that it was out of a goon box (boxed wine).

dinner with the Frenchies

Conversation was a bit labored due to the language barrier compounded by the wine & exhaustion from the day, but we managed. Pierre taught me Chinese checkers & none of them would let me take the bus home. Their friend offered to give me a ride but I didn't want to impose so it was lucky that AB called - she & The Scot were headed home & it was on their way to pick me up.

Got home & collapsed into bed.

Today I'm so happy & grateful for:
~ good food
~ jokes
~ social obligations
~ live music
Xo! n.


  1. Don't not make out with a Dutch guy on our account!

  2. I hear that dutchies have webbed feet, have you gotten a good look? I'm not trying to be a fred about this, that's just what's been trapsing 'round the grapevine.
    I'm glad you had a good Thanksgiving, N, I thought of a Thanksgiving dinner in Birmingham long ago. No, not THAT Birmingham. I went through the standard tradition of stuffing myself to the brim, then my own tradition of calling everyone I know and saying some permutation of "Happy Thanksgiving" and making awful attempts at turkey noises. I got to your name and I got a little sad when I realized I couldn't call you. There has to be some way to make it up.
    *insert awful attempt at turkey noise*
    ...Well I'll think of something.
    In other news I, and a number of others of some significant standing, have decided that you should more than likely travel the world as a professional travel blogger (a profession which I have recently renamed "Trogger") and recipe blogger (a profession too old to be renamed).
    And finally, I miss you. When, if ever, are you returning to the states?
    (Edit: I went back and changed your name to "N" because originally I just wrote your name but I decided to stick to the style of the blog. Give AB a little pat on the h.h. for me)

  3. G, we tried to decide what h.h. means and decided on happy head?

  4. no, georgie, i will NOT pat ab on the hh for you. dont be grody. on the dutchie front, read sunday's post... i would love to be a trogger; would you like to be my first investor? :) gobble gobble. xo

  5. just for the record it would be w.h. as it is spelled whoo ha.

    come on.


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