Sunday, November 22, 2009

Day 35: "its the day of the show, yall!"

Awesome festival opened today, so I spent all day hurrying up and waiting.

That's how it goes - in theater as it is in film.

Not much to report. Felt like secret service in my walkie-talkie headset. I saw the parkour group perform; they were pretty incredible. I had to keep people from crossing behind the set & got told to eff off (but not the clean version) 3 times! And I thought aussies were nice! The frenchies performed but were annoyed when the crowd dispersed quickly so they could only get two pictures. Crash & Llamaland were mobbed with families, which is great. One mum complained to me & then later to AB that our program is all wrong and, of course, it actually isn't. Got to meet some of AB & The Scots friends & their kids. Ironed towels for Holiday. Painted the frenchies set & subsequently myself - the ladder was on uneven ground & I got blue paint everywhere - I looked like a smurf.

It was a long day & by the end I just wanted to go sit with AB & Ron & the girls from the office, who were having celebratory drinks at The Flying Scotsman. But first I had to run over to William St, get someone to let me in, turpentine myself, run over to Blue Room to get my purse (you may have noticed there are no pictures - bc my phone was locked away all day) & change, run back to Forest Chase to put away the ladder - but realized the ways to get to the storage unit were locked, oh well, hope it doesn't get snatched - my Oz phone died, tried to top up my bus card but the machine doesn't take credit & my credit card doesn't work in an ATM & I didn't have my debit card or any cash, a really nice transit officer took pity on me & gave me a free pass, searched out the right bus stop, had to wait 30 mins for the bus bc its Sunday, found the scotsman, found my friends, took a breath...


Had a nice time with them & ate some good cheap pizza. In the taxi home, AB & I were so wrapped up in conversation that I got out of the cab without my bag that had my sneakers, awesome t, chick's skirt (so sorry lu! I'll buy you a new one), water bottle, tank top, book, ugggh. I wasn't even tipsy! The biggest loss is my nice sneakers. :( we called & reported it, so we'll see, maybe I'll get it back.

I'm not sure what's up with my luck on this trip but...

Today I am so grateful & happy for:
~ there was no cash & nothing irreplaceble in my lost bag
~ finding my friends at a random crowded bar
~ the festival is open so my days should get easier
Xo! n.

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