Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Day 16: my no good very bad day

I severely overestimated my health yesterday. After a day of rock climbing, I hung out with new friends til way too late last night. Stupid.

Also I overestimated my ability to withstand a long period of time in far from ideal & far from comfortable situations. Adelaide hostel = foul. The showers are like in a gym - one thin curtain separating you from the common area & nowhere to put your clothes to keep them dry. By "linens included" they meant you get ONE flat sheet. That's it. No fitted sheet, no blanket. I happened to bring a little airplane blanket so I thought I'd be ok. Nope. I was so uncomfortable & felt so sick - it was miserable.

Health: One step forward, two steps back.

After a day of dozing, tossing & turning, payphones eating my money, pharmacies being closed early, and other rotten annoyances, I finally caved & shelled out the money for a private room.

Best idea ever.

When I walked in & saw the double bed with its comforting white sheets AND blanket, its TWO pillows, the two FREE towels with a little soap & sewing kit & shampoo on them like in a real hotel, the mini-fridge and the TV that gets 3 channels, I started to cry. Not like my eyes welled up, no, I sobbed big gasping tears of relief.

If you think that's overly dramatic, let me just say, it is the lonliest, most desperate feeling to be alone in a foriegn place, sick, surrounded by strangers.

At least now I have a space of my own & I can sleep all day if that's what it takes to finally shake this thing.

Today I am so grateful & happy for:
~ a blanket
~ the grocery store carries medicine & was open on this holiday
~ sleep sleep & more sleep

Xo! n.


  1. I hope you are feeling better by the time you wake up and read this..that is no fun and you don't have your own bed or mommy to take care of you..i must have a sympathy cold..it came out of no where and it has knocked me out for the past couple of days.. (but of course I have still had to work)..i also just realized that you didn't even put any pictures on this entry..you REALLY weren't feeling good..and have seen some pretty uninteresting stuff, huh? Get better soon lu lu! xoxo

  2. Feel better! Maybe it would help if you put a shrimp on the barbie? Or perhaps some fireworks at sunset?

    By the way, have you seen that purple kangaroo from the commercials yet?

  3. Get better. Love you!


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