Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Day 44: r-e-s-p-e-c-t

Finished destroying llamaland; Rose & the guys gave a beating to the furniture that was going to the dumpster (over 800 kilos!) and Jason carried around his "beating stick" - a table leg with a bolt sticking out of it - for the rest of the day. Boys.

After cleaning up the Blue Room, I was sent to Forest Place to relieve Isaac, who'd been there all night. I sat in a shipping container & kept an eye on airplane chairs for two hours. Caught up on my blogging. :)

Oh, and I got an email on my phone from... Me. huh? Apparently Dan (which I've been spelling wrong, its Daan) got online to check his email & my gmail account was still open! Whoops! So he wrote me a very cheeky email about never trusting the Dutch & him thinking I'm allright despite being American. Once I decided there was nothing uber embarasing he could've read in my inbox, it cracked me up. Cheeky bastard.

Jason, Matty & Sean loading Rose's Llama on top of the airplane chairs & various other junk

We loaded those heavy dang airplane chairs up in the ute & drove out to a dodgy storage area where we loaded them into a different shipping container to be hooked to a train early the next morning. On the way there & back, I sat between two stinky boys: Matt, who was snoring, and Jason. Jenna was navigator & she kept telling Sean to take a "sneaky left" which I think is funny & I'm totally taking home.

Its Kat's birthday so when we were done we went back to the hangout, William st, for a birthday drink, and ended up talking politics for a bit. I learned that when you cross aboriginal country lines, you're supposed to wait to be welcomed or else its extremely disrespectful & very bad luck. I was ignorant! I wonder if that's why this trip's been so challenging...?

Later we went out to Kat's favorite restaurant, Uncle Billy's, for a Chinese shmorgasboard. It was fun & delicious. Jason drove me home again; I owe him - he's totally been my taxi service this week. :) Talked with AB & The Scot a bit & then went to bed.

Not the most exciting day, but it was just fine.

Today I am so happy & grateful for:
~ not having to take a cab
~ being almost completely done with the festival
~ earning the respect of the people I work with

Xo! n.

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