Sunday, November 8, 2009

Day 21, pt 2: watering hole

...and we did what I predicted. Pool, naps. I checked out Quorn's local pool with 2 other girls & 5 of the guys. The guys almost immediately swam to the other end of the pool all girls-have-cooties style; it was so funny to me. Strangely, they're much more clique-y than the girls.

The pool was jammed with kids & the diving board was the main event; it seemed like every male there wanted to show off what he could do. One man, who looked to be of aboriginal descent, was awesome - cannonballs, splits - it was fun to watch.

Walked back, did laundry, and the the boys, already in the habit, cracked open their beers. All but two stayed behind as the rest of us went to Warren gorge to search for Yellow Footed Rock Wallabies.

Those buggers are tough to spot! They're shaded the same color as the rock, so when their back is to you & their feet & tail are tucked under, they're nearly invisible. We did spot quite a few of them, tho, and theyre beautiful. They were petty far up the rocks & I could barely get a pic with my regular camera so sorry, you'll have to google them if you want to see them. :)

Then back for fun conversation, good food, and a ton of dang mozzies. I got eaten alive. Sandeep gave us all culture shock explaining Indian arranged marriage and we cheers'd in three languages. Happy days.

Today I am so happy & grateful for:
~ wildlife
~ I've got packing my bag down to a science, even tho I seem to keep accumulating stuff
~ good exhaustion

Xo! n.


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