Sunday, November 15, 2009

Day 28: Settling in

Slept. In. Ahhhh...

Had coffee & The Scot made me delicious eggs & I sat in my pajamas watching TV. Funny that something so normal & boring can be so delightful.

They have skype, so I talked my mom (sorry dad, by the time we were done talking it was too late your time to call you; I'll call later) and chick - so nice to hear their voices!

After a good bit of lying around, we headed out for a nice driving tour of the city. We saw some pretty beachfront towns & rocky, sandy coastline that reminds me of California.

They took me to some lakes & parks to look at the funny birds, and we went to Kings Park & checked out the beautiful view of the city.  AB and I talked about the wedding (they're getting married in 2011) and the Awesome job I'm about to start.

Went to the grocery store - I love groceries in foreign places, there are always such strange things to check out - then came home for AB's famous bloody marys (the secret is old bay seasoning!), spring roll appetizers, and a peking duck dinner, which I've never had & they've never made before, so it was an adventure.  An adventure in deliciousness.

Cleaned up, watched TV and read a beauty-full Aussie magazine, Frankie, and then to bed.  First day of work tomorrow!

Today I am so happy & grateful for:
~ a lazy day
~ comfort
~ Skype

xo! n.


  1. Holy Cow! I didn't realize that you were starting so soon with your job! Have a blast and let's try to catch up on video Skype when we can! xo

  2. If you're ever online the same time as me, my skype id is milmanschmidt.

  3. Don't you worry Schmidt, you are already on my skype so if you are online it will show up ;-)


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