Saturday, November 14, 2009

Day 27: Perth Parties

I feel terribly terribly late.

Everyone else in my room woke up at 4:30am & were out, luggage & all, by 5. And that is, of course, what I'm used to doing from this past week, so I felt completely disoriented. Add to that the fear I might miss my flight AGAIN - I was waking up every 30 minutes panicked. I even stepped out into the lobby to ask if it was really 6:30am bc I thought my phone was wrong. Sheesh.

But it all worked out; I caught my taxi, I caught my flight & I caught up on my blogging in the air. And AB & The Scot caught me in the airport! I'm SO happy to see them!

On first impression, Perth is a beautiful city; its very green & oh that blue ocean is just gorgeous! Especially after being in the desert. They live in Cottesloe Beach, which reminds me of the coast of the northwest US - big trees, houses on hills - its so pretty. Their apartment is FAB - right on the beach! You can see the ocean from their living room & bedroom!

And I have a room of my own, with drawers & a closet AND an ocean view. Le sigh. I cannot tell you how good it felt to unpack. I won't have to repack my backpack every morning!!

I'm so happy to be here with people I know, love & trust.

It is pretty weird to go from independent dirty backpacker lifestyle to this very adult, sophisticated world.  Quite a difference.  And I start work on Monday!

The Scot put together a spreadsheet of things for me to do while I'm here, which AB made fun of but I truly think it's great.  This way hopefully we won't fall into the trap of "oh we never got to do..." and we'll take advantage of any free time we have. It is pretty dang funny that it's a spreadsheet though - Todd, i think The Scot may be your long-lost brother.  ;)

We went down to the bar across the street from their apartment at 3 for their engagement party, where we drank bubbles & I got to meet a ton of their friends.  Everyone was soooo very nice and a few of them work for the Awesome Festival & gave me an idea of what to expect.  Yikes!!  They said it's really full-on work, long hours in the heat & it can be pretty stressful.  But they also said it's a great group of people (which i can already tell) and they have fun parties & it's really a pretty good job.  I'll be doing production work & met a very cool girl who'll apparently be the only other girl on the production side - I think we'll get along great.  She said we'll be building sets & painting & such, which is exactly what i was hoping, so I'm pretty excited.  Even if it's stressful, it's a new experience & it's only for a month anyway.

I had a fun time meeting everyone and by midnight was exhausted.  Time for bed in my own quiet, ocean breeze room.

Today I am so grateful & happy for:
~ a safe plane ride
~ being with my friends!!
~ a new place, new people, new things to experience

xo! n.

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  1. Oceanfront living! How AB & Ron have been suffering. ;-)
    Enjoy all you do while there.


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