Monday, November 23, 2009

Day 36: its too early to see a man in a budgie smuggler

With my Frenchies all day & it was fun.

The morning was pretty full-on; the frenchies were asking me for things & not all the crew had their headsets on so I couldn't get any answers. It was frustrating. BUT we got it sorted & it was smooth sailing from then on.

People were happy to have their pictures taken and the pictures were really great - I was even in a few. :)

Wrapped up around 3:30 & headed to the bank to finally open an Oz account - I haven't had time til now! It was easy & now I reckon I'm fully international.

Production called me to meet up for a drink so I texted Erich & Sarah - friends from my bus trips who just happen to be in Perth now! They were both available so they headed over - its so great to have a phone & to have friends. :)

It was SO wonderful to see them & so funny that we met back in my first week in Australia & now we're in the same place at the same time again. The bonds forged with fellow travellers are quick to form & hard to break. What a great time we've had together.

Caught the bus home for a much-needed early night. Its kind of disconcerting to be the only person on the bus & not really know where you're headed & not really able to see out the windows bc its dark & the bus lights are on... But I made it back, no problem, of course. :)

Today I'm so happy & grateful for:
~ new old friends
~ an early enough night to catch the bus
~ turpentine
~ people thinking I look much younger than I am! :)
~ the challenges I've handled on this trip

Xo! n.

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