Friday, November 5, 2010

We like to party.

The last 2 weeks have been filled with all things Halloween-y, including a goulish car transmission scare and a terrifying, scream-inducing (literally) mess-up at the new job.  But don't worry, all is well.

The Sunday before Halloween, Teeter, Chick and I held our annual scary movie pumpkin carving party, which was super fun, we made super-delicious candies, and I got super smashed and stayed up til 4am then crashed on the couch.  Needless to say, the next morning at work wasn't too fun... but it also wasn't too hectic (not the screaming day, thank God) so I made it through.

Then on Halloween weekend, I went to two parties and, of course, had to have two costumes!  They were both completely last minute, but I'm pretty proud of 'em.  On Saturday night, I was your mom.

Yes.  You heard me right, your mom.  As in, "so's your mom."
Your mom doesn't like having her picture taken.  She's shy.

The party we went to was fun but made infinitely better by the discovery of Sing Star, which I'd never played (and if you haven't either, it's competitive karaeoke!  What!  I know!)  We kicked all forms of bootie, we dominated the game, winning just about every time, and well, we were kind of assholes about it, if you want to know the truth.  But dude, it was fun.

my friends - feelin' it.  And SO kicking ass.

Then on Sunday night, at the Magic Castle (where I saw the effing scariest babydolls in the universe, seriously.  Seriously.) Teeter & I were "members of a dance team who, in 1995, got killed in a bus accident on the way to a show."  
Oh yes, we undead sparkle.  Jazz hands!
Please note the creepy babies in the background - though they're much scarier in person 
(Teeter, on the right, is terrified!)

We saw some magic and drank some cocktails and danced to Monster Mash and got stuck in slutty 3am Hollywood traffic and ate Taco Bell.   Yup.   So that was my Halloween this year.  Not too shabby.

I still deny that it's November already.  What the hell.  Not only do I feel like there is NO WAY it is that late in the year, it's also 85 degrees in LA, so obviously the city agrees with me.  Boycott.

Except... I do love me some turkey and presents so... I guess we can move forward, time.  But I need sweater weather, please!  Geez louise.  I'd like to drink one of those specialty lattes everybodys all in love with and not sweat my balls off in the process.  Please and thank you.

Yesterday, I had lunch with an old friend and dinner with new friends.  How lovely is that??  In fact, the new friends found me through Stratejoy, so that makes it even lovelier.  We had homemade cherry infused whiskey (omg omg omg!!) and fish stew (sounds weird but oh so good!) and fruit salad, and talked and laughed.  I just love stuff like that.

I decided today that I'm going to write here much more often.  Like hopefully every day, or at least every other.  Some of it will probably be kind of dumb (like today's) because I won't know what to write about, but I really love the connection I have with my readers here & on Stratejoy (hopefully will have on Escape Hatcher too, when I finally get back over there), and it just feels so good to write, even when it's silly & inconsequential.  I want to write all the time.  That's my November resolution.

New Years ones never seem to work - let's make this a thing.  What's your November resolution?

Today I am so happy & grateful for:
~ not having nightmares involving dismembered babies
~ silliness
~ the wifi reaches to the couch on my back porch
~ creativity
~ friendship, in all its forms

xo!  n.

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