Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I don't know what to write about.  But I told myself I'd write at least every other day (especially weekdays) and all day long I've been staring at a blank blogger New Post page, trying to think of something interesting to say.

I got nothin'.

I will tell you this: it is cold in LA tonight & for the first time in... wow, eight years (!), the house I live in has central heating.  The steady exhalation from the vent over my bed is comforting and makes me feel like I'm back in my parents house.

I will also tell you this: there's a plant on my desk at work.  It was given to me by the Ellen Show & it's not just cut flowers, it's in soil.  It's not doing so well.  Yesterday I trimmed all the dead blooms and leaves and everyone made fun of me & told me to just throw it away, but I can't.  I can't give up on a living thing.  Especially when it's my fault I didn't water it enough and now it's dying.  What does that say about me?

One more thing:  do you think that if, instead of arguing with people & telling them what they're doing wrong or how they could improve (however helpful and loving of a place it's coming from), if we told people what we need from them - i.e. I need to be treated with respect or I need your support - would our relationships be stronger?  That sounds more selfish but is it really?  Don't we all just need the same basic things at our core?  If we all said what we needed out loud with no bullshit and we all listened to what other people needed, what would that be like?

Thinking too much...

Oh and ps - the other day I locked my keys in my car at a gas station.  The guys from the garage attached to it came over with coat hangers & long twisted lengths of wire and worked for at least 45 minutes trying to get my car door open.  I cheered them on from the passenger window.  Finally, when they gave up, I called AAA who, of course, had it open in 3 seconds.  I could've done that from the beginning, but it was so nice to get unsolicited, selfless help in LA, I didn't want to discourage them.

Tomorrow I will be fighting the grocery store crowds for last-minute Thanksgiving shopping.  Do any of you have a good stuffing recipe?

See, I warned you it'd be random.

Today I am so happy and grateful for:
~ my down comforter
~ paw paw ointment
~ a low-key day at work today

xo!  n.
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