Saturday, November 6, 2010

Bridesmaid Extravaganza Day of Fun!

Y'all might remember my friends AB and The Scot who I stayed with in Perth, Australia - well, they're getting married in May and I'm a bridesmaid!  Their Matron of Honor, H, lives right down the street from me (we all went to college together in SC) and since AB is in Australia still, her other bridesmaid is in Scotland, and she & The Scot are getting married in Wilmington NC, H & I are teaming up to plan her hen's weekend (in my hometown of Charleston!) and make sure dresses, etc are taken care of.

Today was planning day #1, and we rocked its socks off.

AB, me & H, quiiiite a few years ago

We started off with the brunch of champions: french-press coffee (btw, H alerted me to the fact that in my very neighborhood, there's a shop that sells Stumptown coffee! The best coffee I've ever had, from Portland!! So excited!), homemade waffles with butter, syrup, blueberry jam & fresh blueberries, and of course, a bridal mimosa.  Mmmm...

All that deliciousness got our little brains a-sparking with ideas & once H found the perfect teensy red notebook for our planning, we brainstormed and, if I do say so myself, came up with a SUPER fun hen's weekend.  AB, I'm not giving you any hints but just know we were giggling & gasping with excitement & brilliant ideas all afternoon.

Then it was off to the bridal shop, to which H's hubby, Dutch Giant (yes that is his official nickname ;) ) was kind enough to drive us, even in the madness that is Burbank Saturday afternoon traffic.  Despite being surrounded by white lace & tulle, that place sparked nothing bridal in me; it seemed so impersonal & florescent-lit and H and I were by far the only people in there having any fun.

We tried on our adorable bridesmaid dresses, ordered the correct sizes, and walked out with fabric swatches, which we promptly took to the store next door & found me some lovely shoes (AB doesn't want matchy-matchy footwear) and then three perfect cardigans - and all for well under $200!!
sneak peak

Neiher of us could believe how incredibly fortuitous and productive the day turned out!  AND it was fun spending time with H - we were goofy girls!  Then I got home to find a marathon of Back To The Future on TV and that just made me even happier.  What a lovely day of fun.

Today I am so happy and grateful for:
~ gettin' stuff done!
~ planning joyous occasions with and for wonderful friends
~ Marty McFly & Doc Brown's shenanigans

xo! n.
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