Monday, November 8, 2010

Daydreams of headwear & hefeweizen

I am totally unfocused today.  At work, my brain flits and stutters like an adolescent flirting.  Checking invoices - match, match, enter information, I need a new phone, those new t-mobile ones look cool, I wonder if I could get a refurbished iphone, my ipod is awesome, what is this song, ha ha that picture last night is great, ugh I'm tired, more coffee, pretty blogs, I need to work on mine, oh I need to write a to do list, I wonder if anyone will be home tonight, I need groceries but not today, I should drink more water, can't forget to pay my credit card, droopy flowers, I love this new hat...  and on and on.  It is an impossible task to try and get things done.  Sorry, work.

Yesterday Chick and I went shopping in Pasadena, which is right next door to me now, but until I moved to Eagle Rock I hardly ever experienced the money-spending joy that is Colorado boulevard.  Lucky for my wallet, nothing fit quite right or seemed worth the price except a $5 hat that kinda makes me look like a rastafarian hipster (pictured in the pub crawl pics below) but I love it anyway.

Strangely enough, I bought the hat partially because I dreamt it the night before.  I dreamt that I went on a trip to San Francisco with a cute guy & I was wearing this hat.  I woke up thinking, man that was a good dream... and I want that hat.  So when I stumbled across it at Forever 21, I knew it was meant to be.  Now to find the cute guy...  :)
hmm... pretty close...  [source]

Chick bought more stuff but I just had fun window-shopping, trying things on, and sitting outside with glass of wine and my lu lu (that's what Chick & I call each other - long story).

Then, starting around 4:30pm, we joined friends for the 2nd Official Caccese Pub Crawl!  Caccese is the friend I hung out with in NYC; he's from NY, we all met when he lived in LA, and when he moved back to NY we had a goodbye pub crawl for him.  He's back visiting & we decided to make it a tradition.  Not only was it fun to see Caccese again, but it was also the first time we'd seen our friend BCK since he moved back to LA from Chicago!  Lots and lots and lots of silliness ensued.

 I crashed on the couch at Teeter & Chick's house again - I've slept there at least one night every weekend since I've been back - and thank goodness for the hat I got because right now it is hiding my dirty hair and posing as a style choice, when really it's more of a neccessity.  I've had two cups of coffee & am still sleepy, my breath tastes like onions (which makes no sense - I didn't eat any & I swear I brushed my teeth), and my face is puffy from dehydration.  Aren't I just freakin adorable!?  Ga-ross.

It is coooooold in LA tonight - perfect chili weather.  On the way home, I stopped at the grocery store for fresh ingredients and then made a big ol' pot of turkey & bean & veggie chili with some cornbread.  Mmmm...  And my roomie baked persimmon cookies so I am sitting here with a cup of green tea and a soft fresh cookie, all wrapped up cozy in a blanket.  What a lovely way to end my day.

I am so happy & grateful for:
~ winter weather!!
~ healthy delicious food
~ good times with kooky friends

xo!  n.
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