Thursday, November 18, 2010

Everything I Need...

There's a Muppet movie filming right outside my window (and let me just tell you how very happy that makes me - I love love loooooove the Muppets!!) at work this week.  I can't see much of the action due to a lot of equiptment and a poorly placed church facade, but they're playing the music over and over so the dancers and puppeteers can rehearse.  At first I tuned it out as just another element in the cacophany that is my on-lot work environment, but as it plays, I've been slowly picking out words, and DUDE.  I so needed to hear this:

"You've got everything that you neeeeeeeed,
right in front of you!
I've got everything that I neeeeeeed,
right in front of me!
Life's a happy song..."

Oh Muppets, y'all are the freaking best.

Today I am so happy & grateful for little reminders.

xo! n.

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