Friday, November 26, 2010

Heart a flutter Friday: Christmastime is here!

Happy Friday after Thanksgiving, y'all!  It's officially the Christmas season!

As you enjoy your leftover turkey & cran & stuffing sandwich (you know you love it!) and avoiding getting trampled at Black Friday sales, check out this special Christmas edition of heart a flutter Friday from the comfort of your cozy couch...

Happy Holiday Clutch Purse by MermaidsDream on Etsy
Adorable!  Festively embroidered without that ugly-sweater-your-great-aunt-knitted-you look.

Red Elf Ring by PaperSparrow on Etsy
Let this cute little guy hang out on your finger all season long; tell him all your wishes and he can be your direct line to Santa!

Vintage Double Snowflake Necklace by Farandtwee on Etsy
So 50's and lovely.  The perfect winter accessory to add some sparkle to that little black holiday party dress!

4 Lacy Bird Ornaments by PrinceDesignUK on Etsy
These birdies are so sweet!  You could hang them on the tree, of course, but I'd probably hang them in a window, to bring a little snowy charm to my green LA holidays.

Retro Christmas Apron Gidget by SugarandspiceAprons on Etsy
Oh my!!  I could cook all day in this pretty little apron; I'd be twirling and flouncing around the kitchen!  Domesticity never looked so good!

Letterpress Holiday Coaster Set by 1canoe2 on Etsy
If you like to pull out all the stops when it comes to Holiday decorating like my Teeter & Chick do, Christmas coasters are a must!  These are hand-drawn and too cute.

Boy and Girl Reindeer Pillow Covers by DesignsbyNancyT on Etsy
Again, if you love to Christmas-up your house, these should do the trick.  And, they jingle!

Chunky Vintage Emerald Green Rhinestone Earrings by SilverLiningDecor on Etsy
Reflect the lights of the Christmas tree in these gorgeous green gems and you'll dazzle everyone.

And PS, y'all, THIS is REAL:
Men's Thong Jinglebells by CaptainCamo on Etsy
Whoa!!!!  I'll tell you what's NOT going on my Christmas list - this guy!  YIKES.  Is that misteltoe behind him...?  Hee hee hee...

(despite men's thongs...) It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Today I am so grateful and happy for:
~ a whole day dedicated to giving thanks!  (and eating!)
~ finding awesome presents for the people I love
~ the most deliciouso food in my belly!

xo!  n.
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