Tuesday, November 16, 2010

VIVA Eagle Rock!

I heart my new neighborhood so hard. 

My friend C swung by to pick me up Sunday for our Eagle Rock day of fun & when he saw me step out the door of my little red house, past hanging plants and down the sweet curving pathway to the car, he said, "you look so right coming out of that house!!"

We drove streets of wood-sided bungalows and little gabled houses with charming wide porches to Eagle Rock Blvd. and Auntie Em's Kitchen, a funky little restaurant/bakery with a seasonally fresh menu.  Through the brightly colored interior, past the vintage wooden case displaying their famous cupcakes and a blonde-haired plastic skull, we settled ourselves out back below little chandeliers and next to a flourishing herb garden.

Both of us being southerners, we just 'bout flipped our shit when we saw there were cheesy sausage GRITS on the menu!!!  We both wanted lighter meals but shared a side of the grits and they were incredible - perfectly cheesy and not too sausage-y with fresh tomatoes on top.  And that, added to his cauliflower scramble with rosemary potatoes and my squash and fennel salad, made it a deeeeeelightful (and gorgeous!) meal.

And then, of course, we HAD to try the cupcakes.  Oooohhh super delish!  The little sample size was just perfect, and obviously, we demolished them.

But the best part was the conversation.  C always seems to understand where I'm coming from and what's going on with me; we constantly find ourselves exclaiming "Yes!" in agreement and bursting out in laughter.  I really love hanging out with him.

We wandered around, window shopped, cranked up beautiful music and let go of all the questions in our minds to just enjoy the day.  We found an awesome gastropub, The York, which happens to be only one mile from my house (!) and we stopped for an afternoon pint.  And guess what!!?  They serve grits too!  What WHAT!  L-o-v-e love.

It makes me very happy to find people and places that make LA feel like home.  Viva the Eagle!

Today I am so grateful and happy for:
~ a random day of fun
~ creative ideas & friends to bounce them off of
~ cheesy southern grits!!

xo!  n.
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