Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Empire State of Mind

Twenty-four hours in NYC!  How does one cram it all in!??  Especially when it's your first time there as an adult!  Lucky for me, I had a crazy local tour guide, Caccese, who made it not only possible but fun as hell.  There's too much to even write about, after only a few hours of uncomfortable plane-sleep and a couple of NYC cocktails, it's all kind of a wonderful, brightly-lit whirlwind, so I'll let my pictures do the talking (in chronological order)...
I'm a Rockette!

from the top of the Empire State Building!

my first NYC street dog! (delish, tho stomach was a little grumbly afterwards...)
my first time hailing a cab!
Caccese's surprise for me - yes that IS the "Friends" apartment building!!
The site of the Twin Towers - still being rebuilt & far from done.
first NYC pizza - burned & scraped up the roof of my mouth!

drinks by the Brooklyn Bridge

yes, yes that is a bumper sticker he bought & stuck to his shirt.
next morning, watching the rain from a bagel shop, rescheduling my cancelled flight 
(the beginning of the travel day from hell)
my first NYC bagel

Central Park in the pouring rain.  We are drenched.

One crazy day in New York with a crazy Yankee.  It was freaking fantastic.  I heart NYC.

I am so grateful and happy for:
~ covering the whole island of Manhattan in one day, almost entirely by foot!
~ a funny, fun tour guide friend
~ lots of NYC firsts

xo! n.


  1. A. You should know better than to wear flip flops in a real city (read: not LA).

    B. I need a NY bagel. Stat. I might need to get someone to overnight some to me. They don't know anything about bagels in London.

    C. I miss you and I hope your crazy adventures bring you across the pond soon!

  2. Those street dogs will do that to you. It's good you had your first one...but I'd recommend staying away from a constant diet of them, unless you have a stomach of steel.

    I miss NYC. :) So glad you had fuuun!!!

  3. You did all of that in ONE DAY?! That's nuts. I've been to NYC twice and haven't covered all that ground, though the first time I was there, I DID do a lot in 24 hours or so. I love the pic of you by MSG - last time I was in NYC, I stayed at the New Yorker, right across the street and loved that location :) Something also tells me we should travel together sometime.


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