Sunday, December 27, 2009

Day 66: white (hot) Christmas

Woke up happy. Christmas carols were blasting on the speakers in reception (most noticebly the Muppets singing "12 days of Christmas") and I could hear laughter & joyful chatter.

Threw on my green bikini, black skirt & pink tank top (closest I had to red), and joined Nick, his mum, and a Christmas mimosa waiting for me in the lobby. Everyone was in high spirits and "merry Christmas" rang through the hostel. It was extremely hot but the sunshine & blue sky only aided our cheerful moods as we cannonballed into the pool & noshed on Mel's homemade chocolate chip muffins. Dripping pool water all over the floor, I drew a special Christmas message on the chalkboard (pictured).

I opened the present AB & Ron got me - a CD of a blind aboriginal guitar player. Very intresting. Can't wait to give it a listen. Nicks parents gave me some Ferro Rocher chocolates, yum, and Nick, even though I told him not to give me anything, told me he's taking me shopping for a new years dress or a fun piece of jewlery. I got him a bottle of his favorite rum ("you cheeky sod; how'd you know!")

Nicks dad set up the spit & got the lamb ready. Laura, disturbed by the massive dead animal on a pole, told me she went down & talked to it. She said it was a little nervous about being eaten but it was resigned to its fate. She later sat next to me & enjoyed it, so I guess the lamb must've reassured her. :)

The guys took turns sitting in direct sunlight over a fire turning the lamb. The spit was set up next to the hammocks & they wore wide-brim sombreros & drank beer; if I hadn't known better, I'd have thought I was in Mexico!

In & out of the pool all day to stay cool, I even joined in on a few pool volleyball games. Besides not knowing the rules, I wasn't too bad! It was surprisingly fun.

Everyone was sitting around, swimming or lounging in the shade & drinking & socializing. Instead of the usual "boy music" (punk or hip hop or techno) playing at the bar, there was nice chill rasta, beachy music, setting a happy vibe over the patio.

Nicks mum made gravy & big salads - coleslaw, garden, and potato - and when Nick started carving the lamb, everyone got in line for our Christmas dinner. Mmm. The food was delicious but the ants were terrible. Oh well. After eating, everyone was full & semi-comatose. Daan fell asleep in a hammock - bad idea. Nicks dad held him down as the guys drew crude stuff all over his chest & back. Pretty funny.

I got to skype with teeter & chick & Todd, which was awesome. The quality wasn't great but it was so good to see them & hear their voices. It made me really homesick & I did shed a tear or two, but its not ok to cry on Christmas so I let my new friends cheer me up.

Lots of conversations, beers, volleyball games. The sun set. People started fire twirling. Nick, Nicko, Kate & I got back in the pool & played like 12 year olds, jumping in, jumping onto rafts, attacking each other (and innocents at picnic tables) with waterguns, toppling each other with games of chicken & underwater sneak attacks. SO freaking fun.

Eventually, I was the only one left in the pool; it was such a nice night, I just drifted from end to end smiling at the stars & humming along with Kings of Leon & Bloc Party & Jack Johnson on the stereo. In a pool at night on Christmas day. You just can't get much better than that.

Dried off, changed, and wandered down to watch Ian fire twirl & talk to Kate & Laura. Laura is maybe the most interesting person I've ever met; in her 26 years she's lived 30 lives. You'd never guess her past by looking at her & I can't relate to most of what she's been through but I'm so glad I can now call her a friend.

Nikki came giggling down the stairs & I immediately knew to ask: what have you done to Nick? He had fallen asleep on the staff room couch about 30 minutes before, with his computer (on facebook, apparently) in front of him. Nikki & Daan had uploaded an (ahem) adult film so it looked like he'd been up to no good. We all crowded around, giggling like idiots, waiting for him to wake up, which he did with a very surprised "what the..." and then, "you cheeky bastards!". So funny.

All in all, a really unusual but pretty fabulous Christmas. I hope you all had wonderful Christmases too, wherever you are; all my love to all of you! Xoxoxoxo!

Today I'm so happy & grateful for:
~ the Christmas spirit
~ skype
~ a beautiful day

Xo! n.


  1. Lamb on a spit! That's like my dream Christmas.

  2. So glad to talk to you! Glad you had a good Christmas...suprisingly after all the Christmas music i've subjected Ron to I still haven't heard the 12 days of Christmas this year!!!!

  3. Starting to sound like a trip down memory lane to the old frat house.


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