Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day 45: the final Awesome day

(**PS pre-script: there are THREE new posts below this one!  don't forget to check them out bc at least one of them is funnnnny.  xo!)

Yesterday was meant to be my last day of work. Yesterday was meant to be the last day I'd have to wear these jeans, caked with dirt, sawdust, sugar, sweat. Yesterday I was meant to put some odor eaters in these tennies & give them a rest. And yesterday I was meant to retire my Awesome shirts as souvenirs.

But J asked me to work just one. more. day. ...Sigh.

It wasn't too bad, five hours of a little heavy lifting, a lot of running around returning borrowed things & a ton of cleaning. But I just couldn't fully wake up. Even after a flat white coffee. Even after a lunch of dim sum (I'm so glad I'm not a picky eater bc J & Kat like to order for the table & some of that food looks WEIRD). My body was just too tired. I had been hoping Tuesday would be the last day & my muscles had been banking on it. But alas. I had to coerce them into cooperation with the promise of a week off.

Around 2, I stumbled into the office to drop off the final load & AB suggested I nap on the beach. No. Too much effort. It was all I could do to keep myself awake & focused on my book during the bus ride home.

Showered, journal'd, washed a load of laundry, napped. Glorious. I dreamt I was watching a play & when my alarm went off I woke up embarrassed that my phone was ringing during the show. :)

Feeling rejuvenated, I shopped AB's closet - that girl has got some cute clothes - and hopped the bus back into town for dinner at "that little Mexican place" (yes that's actually what it's called!) that has been on The Scot's to do spreadsheet since day 1.

AB & my enchilada

We met Jeff there & had some deeeelicious food - cheese dip, breaded jalapenos, and I had a cactus enchilada!  mmmmm...  All the restaurants here are BYO & I'm so jealous - do you know how much money chick, teeter & I would save if we could bring our own two buck chuck to nights out!??  :)  Anyway, it was such a nice night, great conversation, great food.  

On the way back we passed by some Christmas lights!  I still don't feel like it's Christmastime yet, but this was still nice to see.  :)  Felt a little like home.

Got home, posted blogs, watched TV with The Scot & went to bed, with the blissful knowledge that I don't have to work tomorrow...  ahhh... sleep...

today I am so happy & grateful for:
~ I'm done with the working part of my holiday!
~ naps
~ cactus is delicious

xo! n.


  1. I know you will get this 'next day' but: Nite-Nite-Sleep-Tite-Don't let the Bed Bug Bite!
    Love Ya

  2. why in the heck do we not have BYO? for the love of...I am going to make some calls!

  3. For the same reason you can't bring a bottle of water past the security checkpoint at an airport but you can buy another one on the other side for $5.
    The same reason bars and restaurants charge you $7.50 for a beer that cost them $1.
    The same reason name-brand products cost twice as much as their exactly-the-same off-brand counterparts.
    It starts with "C" and ends with "apitalism".
    Go USA!


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