Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Day 56 pt 2 & day 57: no worries mate

We said our goodbyes at the harbor & went back to the hostel, where Nick & the guys were eager to hear about the trip. We got hi-fives for spotting sharks! We showered (for the first time in 4 days!!), dressed nicely & walked down to a bar to meet up with some people from the boat.

At first we thought we'd been stood up bc we didn't recognise anyone there, but Aussie Craig walked in as we were eating (late!) and we spotted Scottish Craig at another table - we just hadn't seen each other. No one else from the boat ended up coming but no matter. A couple pitchers of beer later, Nick & Daan & some others from the hostel showed up, and we ran into the helpful Welsch guy from the bus station! Small beach town.

Walked down to another bar where there was live music. Free drinks were poured, T & I were spun around the dance floor wildly, Daan stole my camera & documented the night quite well - basically, caos & tomfoolery ensued. I felt like the typical 18 year old backpacker, not my older, more responsible self. And it was fantastic.

We all made it back to the hostel safely, though not much sleep was had. Almost (it felt like) as soon as I'd dozed off, T woke up with a "F@*#!!!" - she was supposed to catch an early morning bus to the early ferry to the island airport for her plane & she'd forgotten. Whoops. Luckily that flight was just to get her to Cairns & wasn't connected to her flight home, so she sorted out a greyhound instead.

By that point, we were both awake, so I walked her down to the bus station, stopping for brekkie in the park & looking at the hilarious pictures from the night before. We wandered through the markets down at the waterfront & then I sat with her til the bus came. Sad goodbye.

She told me to stay here as long as I can; this place has gotten into us both. Believe me, as much as I miss you all, I'm having a hard time convincing myself to go home.

Trudged back up to the hostel & felt really alone without T. Got in the pool for a little bit & then took my book over to the hammocks, read for a while & then fell asleep. You just can't beat a nap in a hammock.

Woke up, changed, met up with Nick, Nicko (UK), Daan & the boys who were just hanging out by the pool. Some people started playing monopoly, Nick got out his guitar & started playing, and I laid on a bench with my head on his knee & stared up at a palm tree.

Nicks my unofficial "holiday boyfriend". We will sit & talk for hours at a time and everyone makes fun of us, suggesting rude things, but they're just being silly & I don't care. He's a good guy & I enjoy hanging out with him.

The day passed uneventfully. Sat by the pool, relaxed, ate pizza. The nightly movie was some footballer/prison thing so Nick & I sat in a hammock and talked, under palms, swayed by the night breeze. Seriously, this is the life.

Everyone was going out but I NEEDED sleep so I went to bed at 10. Best idea ever.

Today I'm so happy & grateful for:
~ parties worth not sleeping for
~ hammocks
~ no worries

Xo! n.

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