Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Days 64, 65, 66: the Christmas season... sort of

December 21-23

How did it get to be the day before Christmas Eve already???  It's dangerous how relaxed I am here; it's like nothing really matters but this very minute, this very moment.  Which, really, is quite a profound truth.

If you wanna get all deep n stuff.  :)

More sunshine, more pool, more parties.  Went out on a trimaran sailboat with Nick, Nicko, Laura & Ian (Irish) - it was the OzSail Christmas party & because they love Nick (everyone in Airlie seems to), they let him invite some friends.  And because it was Laura's birthday the next day, it was her birthday surprise.  And the first time she's been on a boat in the Whitsundays, even though shes been here for two months!  We had so much fun - the boat was beautiful, the people were nice, the sunset was gorgeous.

Went out for Sarah's (German) last night in town - she's worked here for a few months so everyone was sad to see her go.  Danced the robot with Chris some more; we've about got a routine perfected.  Free pitchers of beer & cider.  I didn't stay out super late though.

Took a convertible ride into town the next day for Christmas shopping & a nice brunch for Laura's birthday.  As we whizzed past the amazingly turquoise ocean, white sails a crisp contrast to deep blues & greens, I lifted my arms & danced my fingers in the wind and smiled, smiled, smiled to myself.

Nick & I slow danced in the mall hallway, our group debated taking pictures with Santa, and got free potato peelers (Ian was SO excited about the potato peelers).  Big full Aussie brekkie with an iced coffee and I felt like I would explode.  Wandered around Big W (Aussie version of Walmart) being silly.  Nick bought the hostel a pressie - Australian monopoly, where the game pieces are a koala, quantas jet, thongs (flip-flops), vegemite, etc.

Of course we had to play it when we got back.  Of course the game took 3 hours.

At one point I owned the Great Barrier Reef!  I was in the final 3 players - in fact it was Nick, Nikki & Nicko, haha.  Ben had dressed for the occassion - arriving to the game in the closest he had to a business suit, thinking it'd make him a better player, getting into the mindset - but he was the first person out!  Nick won.

Gave Laura her presents from all of us - she was sooo soo happy & grateful.  Impressed that I'd noticed she'd said her favorite lolly was jelly belly jelly beans.  :)  We all got chinese food and I was so excited because they had Thai cocount chicken soup!!  And oh I was devouring it, burning my throat, so yummy; about halfway through I lifted a spoonful to my mouth, looked down & noticed ...legs.  A FLY was in my soup.  VOMIT.  I know, I know, dad -- protein, haha.  But no, I had to throw the rest away.

Enjoyed our outdoor movies, got mozzie bites, slept in.  Got pictures from Teeter & Chick of their redneck Christmas party & THAT made me homesick.  Y'all looked awesome!  Searched all over for frozen peirogies but nowhere seems to carry them!  Oh NO.  Looked up a recepie that uses potsticker wraps instead of having to make the dough, and I'm going to try to get all the ingredients tomorrow morning.  I will cry, I promise you, if I don't have peirogies on Christmas Eve.  Even though it doesn't feel like Christmas Eve.

I do have pictures for this entry, but my phone's not getting reception right now so I'll have to add them later.  sorry!

Today I am so happy & grateful for:
~ free sailing trips
~ music & laughter at the outdoor bar
~ Daan letting my upload my pictures onto his computer
~ lovely new friends

xo! n.

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  1. Merry Christmas to you!
    Love and Miss you.


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