Thursday, December 3, 2009

Day 46: Freo

First day off in Perth!  Woo hoo!  I still woke up pretty early but I slept well so it's a-ok.

Took the train over to Fremantle; The Scot had to work and AB and Lauren went Christmas shopping in the city so I had the afternoon to myself & I had every intention of doing my shopping AND getting back to super tourist mode.  However, I got so wrapped up in Christmas pressie shopping that I didn't end up doing any touristy stuff at all!  I actually even sort of stressed myself out trying to get all my presents sorted.  Hours later when AB called to say they were coming over to meet me, I suddenly realized that I never did the prison tour, which I had been really looking forward to for weeks!  sheesh.

Ho Ho Ho! My bag of presents - look closely, yours just might be in there...

But Fremantle was pretty cool; the markets were up, which was great, and they were totally uncrowded bc it was the first Thursday of the Christmas season, so that was even better.  There were stalls full of random stuff to distract & delight, and I just wandered around gawking at everything.  It's a pretty, bohemian town by the water - but I, of course, didn't see much of it because I was one-track-mind on the hunt for presents.  It's all good though; I managed to get most of my shopping done.

 Freo Market - the food side

It was a bit of a strange day because I think I was still in work mode, feeling like I had to go-go-go & get things done. I also got a really random pick-up; some guy walked up to me on the street & asked me if I was single.  He was dressed really weird & looked waaaaay too young for me, so I lied.  He said, well, no harm in asking and walked away.  Flattering, yes, harmless, yes, but stuff like that always makes me feel really self-concious.

AB called in the afternoon & she & Lauren came over to meet up with me.  We had plans to meet The Scot at Little Creatures Brewery, which they've been raving about to me for years, but after we'd finished shopping/wandering, it was still too early so we went to mad monk for a beer & some potato wedges.  Of course, as soon as our food arrived, The Scot texted to say he was at the brewery early!  waaa waaaah.

When we got there, he was sitting outside - views of the harbor, beautiful! - with a friend who was moving to America the next day.  I'd say Little Creatures is a good send-off.  :)  The Scot was very sad & droopy about his buddy leaving, but as more friends showed up, the sun was setting on the water & you just couldn't help but smile.

Lauren & AB, goofballs

We ordered tons of food - pizzas, nachos, mussels, fries, chorizio - and tons of ciders & beers.  Great conversation, lots of laughter.  I've only been here three weeks but I'm really going to miss my new friends!  It's ok, Lauren will be in LA this spring - Teeter & Chick, we'll have a couch-crasher & you're gonna love her.  :)

Lauren drove us home & almost made us vomit by playing Hanson's Christmas album!  Whaaa??  I got back to a treat from AB & The Scot - Christmas hats!  They're santa hats with tall boingy springs on them - I have got to wear mine on the boat in the Whitsundays...

Today I am so happy & grateful for:
~ getting my Christmas shopping done
~ Little Creatures
~ fun silly dress-up stuff

xo! n.

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  1. Iooked for my present in that bag but didn't see any coal.


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