Sunday, December 20, 2009

Days 59, 60, 61, 62, 63: island living

Dec. 16-20

All the days flow into each other in endless sunshine and humid heat. The last week feels like a month.

I've made friends; Nick said this morning that I'm pretty much one of the guys now. Which is a bit weird since he calls me his girl... :)

Everyday I sleep in, jump in the pool, lounge in the sun, read, write. Maybe I shower. Maybe I stink & wear no makeup & don't care one bit. I don't wear shoes. I have grocery store feet and my hair is constantly in a messy bun bc its too hot to wear it down.

I've acquired a nickname: la la - bc I'm from la la land, yes, but mostly bc there are too many nicks & nikkis & its just too confusing. In fact, the other Nikki came up with it.

The boys & I have been helping Nick repair his house because his last tenants trashed it - holes in the wall, mold in the freezer, burn marks on the porch - seriously trashed. He's so grateful to me for helping but I really don't mind; when every day is a holiday, its kind of nice to have something productive to do. Besides, its fun hanging out with the boys - loud music, beer, paint fights, whistling at the girls that pass (well, they whistle, I just laugh at them getting ignored).

Nick knows everyone in this town; we get free drinks everywhere we go. For Dans birthday, we went out in togas - well, the boys did; I was the only girl who was willing to wear one (besides one girl who didn't speak much English & I don't think she understood what was going on), so we agreed girls would just dress up. It was so fun - kareoke, dancing - we were out til 5am.

The other night Nick DJ'd at a club & everyone went out. Kasha (Polish) & I opened up the dance floor, were soon joined by Ashley (Irish), Katie (Australian), and a bunch of randoms. By the end of the night, even the boys were dancing - Chris (Australian) & I were rocking the robot. I danced for hours. Got in trouble for going into the DJ booth & for not wearing shoes. Don't care. It was super fun.

Nicko (UK) & I made a big ham dinner for 7 of us the other night - leg of smoked ham, rosemary potatoes, carrots & snow peas & gravy. So good.

I was invited to the hostel staff Christmas dinner at Nicks parents house - sooo delicious. His mom made prawn salad, a lamb roast with veggies, & mini pavlovas with whipped cream & fresh berries. Everyone got the piss taken out of them, but Taco (Dutch, and yes that's his real name) & Nikki (UK) got it worst. It was funny though & they were good sports. His parents are hilarious - I guess you need a certain sort of personality to run a backpackers.

I've decided to stay for Christmas & probably thru January. If it wasn't for the fact that I don't want to majorly inconvenience teeter & chick, I would probably stay a full year. I wanted to stay in Perth & now I want to stay here even more. I know I could work some service industry job in Airlie Beach & I'm pretty sure I would be able to get theater jobs around the country... Partially I think its do-able, and partially I think it (and my daily life right now) is all just a wild fantasy.

Sigh. Yawn. Stretch. Smile.

These days I'm so happy & grateful for:
~ the luxury of laziness
~ pool
~ sun (& sunscreen)
~ good food
~ fun people

Xo! n.

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  1. Stay as long as you want! (As long as you pay your rent here! hee hee)


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