Sunday, December 6, 2009

Day 49: bridesmaid duties

The Scot went to a huge Proclaimers (yes "I would walk 500 miles" - they're Scottish) concert so AB & I had a wonderful girly day to ourselves!  I love The Scot, and I love their friends, but AB is one of my best friends & it's really nice to just have some time alone with her.

First we went to Caversham Wildlife Park, which has been on The Scot's to do spreadsheet since he read my wanderlist & saw I want to hold a koala.  Well, they wouldn't let me hold it, but i did get to pet it & it was freaking adorable & just as soft as you'd imagine.  I want to take one home!  Koalas are so funny - they just pass out in whatever position they were sitting, faces all scrunched up against the bark, bodies slumped like a boneless teddy bear.  Hilarious.

my & my koala friend

It's a beautiful wildlife park & there are even walk-through areas that are open fields where you can pet all the animals.  I petted a wallaby, kangaroos (though I've done that before!) and walked right next to a peacock.  We saw emus up close - their crazy shocked-looking faces so funny - Quokkers, which are fat big guinea pig looking things that live on Rottnest Island (the island off the coast of Perth), dingoes (looked like the cutest doggies; I totally felt like I could just go up & cuddle them, apart from the electric fence separating us!), a super pudgy wombat butt, furry chickens cuddling with goats, and lots of sleepy animals curled up in hollow logs so I could only see their little bums or tails or paws flinching in dreams.

There were also a ton of really cool birds: flat-faced owls, jewel-toned parrots, bright blue kookkaburras ruffling feathers & posing, a parrot that AB & I reckoned was totally doing a michael jackson impression (hilarious!), beautiful red-tailed cockatoos, wild-eyed long-legged birds, egrets, swans, and the craziest bird i have ever seen - a cassowary, which looks like a dino-bird with black long feathers over it's body, a blue & red neck & head with skin like a turkey, and a huge bone mohawk - so weird!

We had a fanastic time wandering around the park laughing at all the crazy animals, but after an hour, we were drenched in sweat; thank God AB carries a little toiletry case & had deoderant so we could re-apply!

After the park, we drove into the Swan Valley wine region for a very posh lunch at Stewarts at Brook Leigh, which is a winery & an equestrian center.  It was beautiful & we took our sweet, relaxed time.

our posh lunch: watermelon & feta salad, scallops, salt & pepper prawns.  mmmm...

We'd brought all of AB's wedding magazines & her planning notes, and we spread it all out on the table, laughing at ugly dresses, pointing out what we liked & exchanging ideas.  I've never been a girl who thinks much about her wedding, but it's so fun to be all girly & help my friends plan.  AB & The Scot's wedding is going to be beautiful & classic & a crazy party; I'm so glad I was able to be a small part of the planning.

We spent so much time sipping our wine & perusing magazines that after our appetizers, our waitress just assumed we weren't eating a meal & we almost missed out on the kitchen!  After we finally ate & wrapped things up, we quickly ran into the city to grab some last-minute final presents I need to send home and then were going to go into Leederville for dinner but we were both too sweaty & tired so we headed home first.

Threw on our bathers & walked down to the beach; the wind was crazy & so were the waves - I was actually scared to get in the water!  We were standing at the edge & I said to AB "if we get in, I'll get in" and she just laughed at me - I meant, if you go, I'll go but I'm not going by myself!  Finally, there was a calm minute & AB said GO and we went!  The water felt so great and the waves were huge but they only got me by surprise a couple times.  :)  My first time in the Indian Ocean!

not me :)  from

After we got out of the water, we tried to walk down to the main strip of Cottesloe beach but the wind - called "the doctor," I don't know why - was whipping sand like needles into our legs & funnelling right into my ears.  It was terrible so we had to go back, but no matter - the day was beautiful & that big Australian sky meeting the ocean just made me feel so happy.

Went back to the house, showered & changed with every intention of still going out, but we got side tracked online looking at wedding photographer & videographer websites, wedding dresses & bridesmaid dresses.  Giggling like silly girls.  When The Scot called to say he was on his way home, we realized it was already almost 9 & no restaurants would be open so we ordered Thai delivery - good choice! - and changed into our pjs.  The Scot got home, we skyped with his sister, they played (and he danced to) the tentative wedding setlist, and it was just a nice, fun night.

Today I am so happy & grateful for:
~ swimming in the ocean in December!
~ super fun girly giggly day with AB
~ posh long lunches & dinner in pjs

xo! n.


  1. Now, this sounds like the best day of all! I'm jealous!!

  2. Awww...crazy animals, hanging out with AB, swimming in the ocean AND wedding planning...good day, good day indeed.


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