Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Day 50: comfort & joy

My last day in Perth; my last day with AB & The Scot. Sniffle.

I was thinking of going to Rottnest Island, maybe even doing a dive there, but this morning that felt too ambitious & what I really wanted to do was just hang out with AB.

I woke up to an email from chick suggesting we skype so AB & I video chatted with her! Got to say hi to my friend (her boyfriend - read his blog, Discard The Lard, its funny!), Todd, & somewhat fuzzily waved to his visiting family. The connection was terrible so conversation was limited; we mostly laughed at the robotic moves & freeze-frame faces our computer cameras generated. Todds roommate also entertained is by doing top-hat dances & playing one-note songs behind chick. So silly.

After that, we sat around for a while, watching bad TV as I caught up on blogging & she looked at wedding mags. It was one of those completely inconsequential but completely perfect moments where you're just comfortable, relaxed & happy with another person.

In the afternoon, we headed out to Leederville for some window shopping, stopping at the post office on the way to ship off some Christmas packages.

We sat in the window of a cafe, drinking coffees, talking about our last few years - who we've become - and our next few years - where we're going. I'm really at a crossroads in my life, completely directionless, and I've been hoping this trip will engage the magnet of my internal compass. I'm proud of AB and envious of the life shes built for herself; though we're both artists, our paths are almost polar opposite but our basic intent is the same. And so she gets me. We talked possibilities & I started to feel the thrill of new ideas.

Window shopped some lovely stores; I was tempted but I didn't buy anything. I enjoy looking at what's in fashion in different countries & it did give me some creative ideas for home decorating... someday...

Went back to the house where The Scot was sleepy with a hangover & AB & I goofed off til Lauren came over. We all walked across the street to the beachfront restaurant The Blue Duck for their $20 mussels night. I'd never had mussels til I got to Perth but I like 'em. Yummers.

We sat outside & laughed & laughed & laughed, long after the food was gone & we were almost the last people there.

Then home to print out my flight details, wash clothes (clumsy me, I splattered Thai mussel sauce all over myself), pack, and say some "we'll see each other soon" goodbyes. I went to bed way too late.

Today I'm so happy & grateful for:
~ AB & The Scot's hospitality & love - I'm so lucky to have friends like you
~ insight
~ beach sunsets

Xo! n.

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